There is a saying that an Englishman’s home is his castle. It is where you get to live your life like you should, having all the fun and comfort. Day in day out, you get out of your home during cock crow and go out there to do your bid. If you are the very busy type, you are sure to always have a long. Hence fair is foul and foul is fair. Finally, you come back home to roost and get relief after all the hurly burly is done. Your home is where hope is.

Thus, understanding the prominent roles your home plays in giving you comfort and relief, you would want make it not just a home, but also a perfect home. This is where garden and garden design ideas come handy. Aside being green and environmental friendly, a garden offers great comfort, fun and relaxation. Here are some garden design ideas you can implement to your home into a castle.

Where is you home located?

This is one question you have to ask yourself before implementing any gardening ideas. Say your house is located where the land is less fertile or not at all. You have apply fertilizers to the land in order to make  suitable for flower and plant growth. You may also do soil transfer by having the original soil replaced with much more fertile soil type. The best soil type for plants and flowers is loamy. If you are going to have garden in your home, soil type should factor your choice of land.

Garden Ideas:

Heartwarming Welcome

Annual and perennial flowers and small plants such as Snapdragon, Petunia, and “Gertrude Jekyll” roses Lily of the Nile make a very good sight. Having the entrance of your home surrounded with those types of flowers will not only add to the beauty of your home, but also make it look calm and welcoming.

In order to achieve the best effect, consider raising a fence between the flowers and the outer space of the street to separate the open street from your home . This makes it seem like your home is located afar the street.

Plant clematis vines

Planting rambling vines around your home and the fence areas helps to give the surrounding of your home a very amazing and glaring look. The brightest but non shouty type of vines is clematis. Winding around your fences and sidings, it clematis makes your home and the surroundings look perfect. It comes in different colors- blending various colors makes it look more romantic.

Planting Plant No-Fuss Lily

Planting lilies is one of the best ideas for garden design. Light up your morning with the fragrance of No-Fuss Lily. With lily, you don’t need air freshener for your home and the surroundings. It also improve the air quality which is essential for healthy living. Lilies are also very easy to maintain.