It’s never been easy to live without good food and most of the times in hunger we don’t mind what we are eating? Whether it’s good for our health or not?? Whether it’s healthy or balance diet or will make us suffer?? But we would not give any attention over such issues, as results in future we caught with many diseases cause of unbalanced diet. Research reveals that if you add some nutrients in your diet or take a balanced diet regular then it will help you to live a sustain life with a very less chances of arising any problem regarding your health. So, here we have eight expert’s trick, which will make your life happier and you’ll get more energy. Take a look of “8 Healthy Foods to make you Happy” mentioned below.



You won’t believe but these small nature’s candies are rich source of healthy anti-oxidants which help to slow the growth of bacteria’s responsible for gum disease and tooth decay. So, add it to your daily diet and live a happy life.

Dark Chocolate

Most of the time we use dark chocolate to enhance the color and taste of various dishes, but you would feel good after knowing that it’s a healthy food and you can add it to your diet regular. According to research there are no any artifacts of Dark Chocolate, even it is a vital source of Magnesium and minerals which is responsible to reduce anxiety and calm your muscles.


While we are making a list of “Healthy Foods to make you Happy” then including the name of Salmon is very much obvious. This food is a source of omega-3s which helps to fight from depression and other problems. Also its improve your memory and focusing power.


Want to live a happy life then add these green leafs to your food today. The green leafs of spinach is packed with vitamin B and folic acid, which is responsible to boost your mood and make you recharged.


Let’s include something really good which makes you really happy. Chicken or more precisely white meat is the rich source of B12 which helps to keep you calm. So try chicken as it is one of the “8 Healthy Foods to make you Happy”.


As it looks are awesome, its contribution to keep you happy is more awesome. This green vegetable is really very yummy and contains serotonin which is responsible for a feel-food neurotransmitter. For your hair, skin and nails, it’s very much effective.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a vital source of energy and try to take two cups a day with your diet. The herbal tea contains Theanine which is an anti-oxidant and keeps you calm. It also responsible to remove all damaged radicals from your system.


Yogurt is the better way to enrich your mood, and it’s also a good way to complete calcium requirements of body. Daily a scoop of ice cream may reduce the chances of oral cancer and lowering the risk of gum disease. So, try yogurt as it is one of the “8 Healthy Foods to make you Happy”.

What are your favorite foods that make you happy, list them in the below section. I hope this information will help you to live an enjoyable and happening life.