If you’re thinking about fully making over your bathroom this year or are looking for simple ways to update it, then understanding the trends for 2013 is a good place to begin.

Calming Color


The popularity that lighter colors have seen in recent times persists, and given our increasingly busy lives and unpredictable world, it’s little wonder that the majority of us prefer to choose colors we’re familiar with. It doesn’t mean there will only be signs of cream, white and beige around this year, it just means that you should not expect to see bright colors that would normally be associated with frivolity and all things upbeat. Instead, you will see calming colors such as blues with a hint of green.

Lighting Effects

Soft lighting will remain a popular choice for modern bathrooms as it does quite simply add a luxurious feel to the room. Creating an intimate, spa like experience in bathrooms is easy with the number of LED light options available.

Towel Warmers

Although towel warmers aren’t necessarily new they continue to be a little luxury that designers are taking to new heights. The 2013 trend setter in towel warmers would have to be the drawer that heats up your towels. Fancy that, a heating drawer that can be set to a certain temperature so your towels are delightfully warm whenever you need them. One should also know things thatshould not done, when renovating a bathroom.


That’s right appliances in the bathroom continue to grow in popularity. Think televisions built into a cavity in the wall or simply on a pedestal atop a vanity. Or what about toilets with built in music players and seat warmers. The world is now fully embracing technology right through to the time we spend in our bathrooms.


Glass in the form of splash backs and tiles, among other things, remains a favorite and recycled glass is proving particularly popular – indeed, nowadays, the majority of people appreciate recycled goods.

Au Naturale

Designers are bringing more texture to the fore as an overworked nation yearns for nature to touch their lives more often. Stone, wood that is weathered and even concrete accessories are set to be bathroom trend setters for 2013.

Functional Storage

Small bathrooms often have storage crisis and given the continuing trend of a minimalist lifestyle, designers are being challenged to incorporate smart storage solutions into bathroom furniture. The good news is that many designers are smart and we will be spoilt for choice when it comes to practical, effective and stylish storage this year.


Another design trend growing in popularity is the bathroom you have when you’re not having a bathroom. That sounds a bit weird doesn’t it but on the rise is the bathroom that is almost unrecognizable as just that, a bathroom. By adding additional furniture, ornamental pieces, rugs, wall pictures and so on, bathrooms are being transformed from the obvious wet-area look to a warm very functional room.

Whether you remodel your bathroom completely or just update certain aspects of it, you’re sure to be one of the bathroom trend setters for 2013! Then all that will be left to do is enjoy your ultra-trendy bathroom every day.