It is quite obvious that we need to lift weights to build muscles. Most people simply want to have attractive body without being too muscular, but still with nice muscle tone. However, some of us may want to become amateur or professional bodybuilders and seek to get ripped. No matter what path we choose, we should focus on building our muscles first. People tend to think that nice muscles could be produced only by lifting weights with high repetitions, although it isn’t always the case. Our focus should be more on building our muscle and once we build them, we could burn any excess fat, so our muscles will be shown better. This will allow us to get a more toned look to our body.

Before starting, we should make sure to warm up and stretch our muscles properly. It is very important for muscle growth and to ensure safety. Beginners could start with free weights to train their muscles better. Later, they may try using machines for better results. However, free weights are essential because we can still mimic natural body movements, while building more muscles. Some small muscles will begin to develop and they will further control and stabilize our movements. Other than focusing on main muscle groups, we should also work out with smaller ones. This ensures that we have better definition in overall physical appearance. Due to extra stimulant used, our muscles could still grow faster. That’s the reason why many professionals still working out free weights, other than machines. Common free weights include barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells and others.

Another good was is to perform multiple compound exercises in our workout routines. In general, compound exercises are those that involve more than one joint movement. Because with more joints used, compound exercises may involve greater muscle mass. Heavier weights will further encourage increased muscle growth. Lunges, squats, bench press, chin ups and others are popular compound exercises.

With added muscle growth, it is possible to have more tone to our muscles. We need to train intensively to make sure that our muscles will grow. We could add more weight to the lift and complete more reps. In this case, our muscles can work harder and we could make sure that they will keep growing. If we are not able to sustain typical growth, it will be impossible to get more attractive muscular body. By having high intensity workout, we could give our body more time to make recovery due to the prolonged physical strains. In fact, our muscle continues to grow during the resting period. We don’t grow our muscles in the gym, mostly only while we rest and sleep. Therefore, we should have enough rest each day, between 8 to 6 hours per day.

We won’t get better result by having too much weight training sessions. Two hours of continuous muscle workout are already enough and doing more could actually be overworking them and this may cause injury more likely to happen.