These days healthy became more essential in daily life; you see how much pollution around, children eating food which causes then of obesity, and facing regular illness. This is commonly happening in your children. So there are ways to keep your children healthy all time.

What are the things to do?

ü  Force your children to wake up early and encourage them to have regular exercise, for example, like to play some favorite songs and dancing for 10-20min or listening to radio or skipping are morning healthy exercise for them. Doing this regularly keeps your children active all day.

ü  Healthy food is most essential for your children in growing age, make them the habit of eating fruits like Apples, Orange, banana and so on, do you know that regular habits of eating chocolates, cookies and related stuff is unhealthy for them.

10 Tips To Keep Your Children Healthy

ü  Children never like to eat vegetables if they are habited of eating roasted food, but make sure them to eat green vegetables, and all different kinds of vegetables. If they are habit of eating non-vegetarian foods, then avoid them slowly, because this cause laziness and unable to do his things and also obesity.

ü  Water is the most and essential ingredient for our and child health, make them the habit of drinking lots of water if not they may suffer from kidney related problems.

ü  Join your children in after-school club, the good and healthy games for your children Basketball, football, tennis, etc. make sure your children’s are not in same sports all time change making changes is good.

ü  Make their habit of bathing regularly; brushing teeth twice a day, and some other essential thing which is at your choice, if you failed to do this they may infect with diseases and fell illness soon.

ü  Don’t stress your children in studying and discipline all time, give them freedom in festival, holiday like going to picnic, movies and so on.

ü  If your child’s school is almost near under 2-3 miles (4-5km) then it better buys them a bicycle and show them safe way, instead of going in a bus, also driving bicycle increase height growth in your children.

ü  Family tensions will disturb children mentally, don’t fight, and use rude words and some unwanted things in front of your children. Your children will mentally suffer and disturbed.

ü  Give them limited freedom in your home like watching TV, computer, Playing Games. Don’t avoid them to use or see it, this will increase some skills and tricks for your children.