Ask your doctor before taking painkillers during pregnancy

When one is pregnant, there are not immune to pain and aches. Due to some hormonal changes and growing belly, body aches are quite normal during this time.

But before taking any kind of pregnancy pain medicine, one needs to consult a gynaecologist. This is because; popping any kind of pain reliever without consulting a doctor can be harmful to both the mother and the baby.

When one is suffering from pain and that too during pregnancy, then most doctors try to prescribe Acetaminophen. This drug is easily available over the counter if it is prescribed and it can be a good pain reliever if you are suffering from fever, muscle or joint pain or from a headache. The doctor can also prescribe it in higher doses or in combination with other medicines depending on the pain type and health condition of the pregnant woman.

Most pregnant women can take acetaminophen if their doctor thinks it is okay to have them. It is the most common pain reliever that doctors allow pregnant women to take. Some studies have found that about two-thirds of pregnant women always rely on acetaminophen sometime during their nine months tenure of pregnancy.

But yes, one has to see whether they are allergic to this particular drug or not. If one is suffering from liver problems then this medicine cannot be safe for you. But the doctors will know that before they prescribe it to you. Even if your doctor says it is safe to take acetaminophen, take a little portion of it as you can for as short a time as possible. Acetaminophen is not much related to big problems like miscarriage or birth defects, but some studies suggest that babies could later feel the effects if one continuously takes them through the pregnancy tenure.

Even the doctors suggest taking this medicine for a shorter period of time. This is because; medical studies say that taking this particular medicine for a stretch of a month or so can put the growing foetus on a greater risk. It can develop some attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the growing baby as well. Other research has shown that taking acetaminophen daily, or almost daily, during the second half of your pregnancy increases your baby’s odds of wheezing or having asthma and mild breathing problems.

Being pregnant means one needs a lot of change in their lifestyles. They have to follow a proper routine of eating healthy food, sleeping and a bit of light exercise to keep themselves fit and fine. One may also need to take some vitamins and supplements so that their body remains strong and the baby also remains safe. But this has to be taken if only the doctor advises you to do so. Some vitamins contain folic acids and they are very useful in developing the baby’s body. Not only that, it highly reduces the chance of birth defects in a baby.

For pain medications, while pregnant list and other regular medicines only an expert doctor can help.