When suffering from arthritis, the hands are the most exposed parts of the body. This is why, taking care of them, of the joints and of the soft tissue around them is a must. One of the best ways to protect them and to offer them support is by wearing compression gloves developed by specialists, such as the ones infused with copper from the medical company Doctor Arthritis. And you can wear them all day long, even in the cold season.

Arthritis Gloves – Suitable For Cold Weather As Well

With cold weather and humidity, people suffering from arthritis get to suffer more. This is caused changes in atmospheric pressure, one additional reason to keep your hands warm and away from the cold wind and the snow.

The Doctor Arthritis compression gloves infused with copper

Developed by two practicing doctors and a team of experts, these arthritis gloves contain the highest amount of copper on the market, 88%. The difference of 12% is spandex, making them suitable for all day use as they are comfortable and allow your skin to breathe. They provide real pain relief to your hands.

The copper infused compression gloves from Doctor Arthritis are beneficial to different conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupytren’s contracture and Raynaud’s phenomenon. You can also wear them in case of sports related injuries and also in case of fatigue.

How can Compression Gloves help in Winter?

The copper compression gloves offer support to the joints affected by arthritis and keep your hands warm and cosy. In addition, they improve blood flow and provide pain relief so that you can enjoy a normal lifestyle.

While wearing gloves in the cold season is a must, you can’t keep them on your hands all the time and, even if you do, they will only offer warmth. The ones infused with copper, offer compression and keep your hands warm at the same time. It is proven that this type of gloves reduces or removes pain naturally, without additional medication needed.

Arthritis gloves offer support, put just the right amount of pressure to the suffering area to remove pain, keep a constant temperature of your hands, improve the blood flow and allow you to perform daily tasks such as typing, in a normal, comfortable manner.

Yes, one should definitely wear thick, warm gloves in the cold season. If you also suffer from a condition which causes paint to your joints and soft tissue in your hands, one of the best ways to relief pain is by wearing copper infused compression gloves.  You can wear both when you go outside, and leave the arthritis ones on while being inside. They will provide you with the comfort you need to perform casual tasks easily and will keep your palms warm so that pain isn’t aggravated but rather reduced and removed.

Take care of your hands this cold season, wear specialized compression gloves. You will feel better and live better.