In the last few decades the concept of education has undergone a sea change. A lot of factors are responsible for such a prominent change in the field. One of the most important factors behind the change is technology. Mobile technology has changed the way both educators and students approach the learning process. Times are changing. Nowadays, parents and teachers are eager to provide mobile devices and advanced technologies to students. Let’s take a glance at the ways technology has changed education, and whether it is for good…

  • Interactive learning is the buzzword: In the conventional classroom, there is very little scope for two-way communication between students and teachers. This problem has been resolved with the introduction of technology. Mobile technology has made it possible to induce an immersive experience for both students and teachers in the classroom. It is a positive thing about technology as even the most shy of the students can participate, who otherwise avoid active participations in classroom.
  • Teachers can connect with students better: With the induction of technology in education, teachers can connect better with students. Thus, they can increase their attention to individual students. The best part of it is that, they can answer to students’ questions and queries even outside the classroom. Through the use of Internet technologies, students and teachers can exchange notes, suggestions, questions, answers, and queries. Thus, the sphere of learning is expanded with the introduction of technology in education. It is interesting too!
  • Use of interesting media in learning makes it all the more fun, easy, and interesting: With the use of the right mobile apps, a lot of interesting media could be brought into the process of imparting education. Students can come across a lot of info-graphics, video examples, graphic displays, and pictures. Use of such media in learning can really make a major difference.

You must know that there are thousands of smartphone apps in the market, and choosing from amongst those is no easy task. You must be careful in choosing educational apps. Make sure that the apps you are choosing comprise of features and functionalities you need.

Even though technology has still not engulfed the conventional teaching and learning processes, the day is not far when it eventually will. So, understand and accept the role of mobile technology in the field of education. Mobile apps will bring that much-needed change in education soon…and for good.

Author bio: Bill is a student of technology and is ready for a career in the tech sector. He feels that the day is not far when technology will bring a sea change to the world as we see it today, and in every sector – including education. A tech student, he relies on his English video dictionary to help him in his part-time career as a guest blogger.