Instagram is a very effective & interesting social application specially known & widely popular for its amazing photo editing features. We can share those photos with our families & friends. A good photograph does not only help us to remember & relive the nice old times but also is a visual treat to our eyes. Thus, this app has a great role to play & is obviously a lot of fun. It has been developed of late & is a fast service. It uses a special filter to edit the photographs in such an incredibly beautiful way that can leave you awe-struck.


Even a layman, who does not have that special knowledge, skill or knack to use the apps can learn this app easily, it is that easy. It uses only those features which are really necessary & used most often & avoid unnecessary stuffs which may confuse the people. It pays great attention to intricate & minute details which is essential for any good photography. It just requires 3 things- email, username & password. It does what we ask it to do- nothing more, nothing less. Just a click of a button can do the desired work. And if you buy active instagram followers you are further assured of making your profile on Instagram a big hit. It proves to be a very attention gripping app in this highly competitive world of mobile apps.

There are kind of 20 different apps used in Instagram. Some of them are:

  • GRARGRAB:  it displays the time of uploading, the number of likes& filters used. It also helps in instant downloading.

  • QUICKGRAM: It lets or enables us to browse through random photos in the gallery & the list & to open it to its original size.

  • GRAMFEED- we have the follow option here with like & comment options. It is like Quickgram with more features.

  • COPYGRAM- We can browse our own photos as well as of other users in grid & list views in original size but there is no option of downloading.

  • INSTAC.AT- It is just to search for the relevant photos on Instagram based on tags & keywords.

  • INSTAGRILL- It is a desktop app & provides us with the facility of receiving notifications whenever our friends upload photos etc.

  • PRINSTAGRAM- By the name itself, it is clear that it allows us to take beautiful print outs in the form of presentable posters, stickers& mini albums.

  • INSTAGRID: It reads the feedback for Instagram& can be subscribed via e mail.

  • INSTAWAR: We can easily compare the photos & choose the best of the lot.

  • INSTAGRAM POPULAR PHOTOS: We can make a collection of our popular photos & can subscribe to our favourite feed.

  • FOLLOWGRAM: There is a follow button& a follow option.

  • EXTRAGRAM: It provides an elegant photo gallery with more sharing options.

  • INSTARCHIVE: All the photos can be downloaded in a single folder.

  • HASHTAGRAM: Provides a slideshow for Instagram photos.

  • WEBBYGRAM: Presents in a list form with complete features but with no follow options.

  • INSTAGREAT: It presents photos in a horizontal form with timeline.

  • STATIGRM: characteristics not found easily & generally like cover creator& statistics etc.

There are more other apps that bring out the qualities of Instagram.

It does not only support the existing social sites in sharing but also aims to provide its own structured connections. It complements Facebook connections very well. It has deep connections with its users. It is used in contests etc. You can also real instagram followers to make your photos that much more effective and popular.