The 5th Generation iPad and 2nd Generation iPad Mini will be announced on October 22nd.  Nokia and Microsoft are set to make their new product announcements on the same day, but it looks like Apple will be stealing their thunder.  Nokia will reveal as many as six or seven new products, including tablets.  Microsoft is expected to show off the Surface 2.  Even with strong competition from both of these smartphone companies, Apple still remains the industry leader. People trust their products, and have good reasons to do so.

Following their usual release patterns, Apple already announced new iPhones in September. There is no way of knowing whether Nokia and Microsoft anticipated that Apple would choose the 22nd, but either way, all three giants will compete. Consumers can likely expect these new products to be available on November 1st – a Friday.


New iPad and iPad Mini
Many leaks are saying that Apple will announce a sleeker design for the full-size iPad and an exciting addition to the iPad Mini’s features.  The iPad will be thinner and will mirror the mini more closely.  The iPad mini will likely feature Apple’s much-hyped Retina Display – their branded HD display which users seem to love.  Users can also expect the usual in system upgrades which will increase speed and battery life; this will probably include the new Apple operating system A6.  Many iPad fans will also be excited to know that Apple is expected to announce an improved camera in the long list of upgrades.  Sources are also suggesting that the newest iPad and Mini will boast the same fingerprint technology seen in the latest iPhones.

Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks
Reports of a new MacBook Pro and new OS X Mavericks have been mixed, but  leaks definitely point to updates and news for the Pro and OS X.  Users are devoted to Mac Books, and Apple wants to keep those loyal customers happy and excited.  Rumors are that Apple will premiere another updated version of the Mac Pro and release a new Mac Pro Mini, which market insiders are already thinking might be a favorite for the holiday season.  Speaking of that holiday season, while there is no set date for release, consumers can expect the Mini to be available before December to compete in the market.

The new OS X Mavericks will likely be followed up with numerous updates and bug fixes. Changes to the OS X Mavericks operating system should include some much needed improvements to battery life and big changes for memory and storage.  Apple is likely anticipating a number of bugs to come to light as soon as they release the new system, so users can expect a fairly swift update to this.  The same way Apple struggled with the recent iOS7 update for iPhones, they might face a certain amount of backlash for bugs with the OS X Mavericks.

Still Apple proves to be the leader in fixing bugs and improving customer care.  Every update that seems to bother or bug the user is quickly followed with massive improvements.  That is why Apple users always come back.  They know that Apple will keep improving and keep being a leader.

For the occasions when an apple machine actually needs support, there are so many options for users.  Aside from the long lines at the Apple store, there are plenty of other companies that can service the issues seen in Apple products.  These same retailers often offer high-quality Apple products that have been refurbished.  This will give users all the same great options of new products, without paying for the premium of getting the latest and much-hyped iPad or Mac Pro.

Written by the team at PortableOne, a company offering custom laptops, Apple iPads and more.