It’s not just the apple. Every other fruit has its own uses which are good health and long life. Like vegetables, fruits are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. But unlike most vegetables, they are best when they are raw which means that you don’t need to be a chef or a cook to know how to eat a fruit. This makes fruits very desirable. Here are a few top reasons why a fruit can do wonders to help keep the doctor away.


1. Fruits build up our Energy Levels:

For a small experiment, eat any fruit as a part of your diet for one week and then avoid any fruit for the next. You will find that your energy is sapped in the second week and you barely look energetic. This is because fruits are essential in adding that extra bit of energy to your juices. Fruits can even act as instant energizers for those in need of immediate energy. Why else would Raphael Nadal, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt carry a bunch of bananas or apples wherever they go?

2. Fruits can control your Weight:

Fruits contain no cholesterol or unwanted fat. This makes it highly attractive among people who are on a diet to reduce their weight. These fruits also have a large constituent of water in them and so help make people’s stomachs full. This in turn forces people to eat less and that in turn reduces their weight. No wonder fruits are the first items in anyone’s diet.

3. Fruits can cure your Diseases:

Fruits contain Vitamins A and C in a large quantity. This is highly useful in case of inflammatory and infectious diseases which are very common because these Vitamins can help cure all the symptoms of the diseases. Thus, fruits have the special feature of reducing one’s weight, raise energy levels and curing them as well. This is the multipurpose use of the fruit at its best.

4. Fruits can raise our Immunity:

The antioxidants that fruits contain are indispensable in helping the human body fight any intruding virus or bacteria. What fruits can do is create an extra protective layer around the human body to fight these foreign organisms which can completely shut down the human body. They are assigned with the job of acting as security guards to protect the human body from harm.

Thus, you can see that fruits are no ordinary food items. They have a cause and a purpose. But more importantly, they are juicy, delicious and pretty cheap. They can be grown in almost all locations and they come in numerous varieties. And with the advent of new scientific means, fruits are available throughout the year. This should be enough to tell you that fruits are your ticket to staying healthy for a very long time!

Author Bio:

Austin Richard is an IT professional from Selftesttraining. He likes to write for different blogs on different interesting topics. He is E20-533 exam qualified.