Anavar is one of the most popular steroids in the bodybuilding circle today. This product is commonly known by its nickname “Var” and is the first brand of Oxandrolone. This drug is made by Searle (Pfizer). In more ways than one, this drug has both positive and negative effects on its user.

But why do bodybuilders take so much pride and respect for this drug? This is because compared to other steroids; this is a very mild acting oral steroid with a lot of benefits and uses. This is actually the best choice for those who are just starting on steroids because it doesn’t cause too much side effects as long as you maintain the recommended dosage and frequency.

Anavar: Is It LIVER - Friendly?

The Anavar Pills

The pharmaceutical grade of Anavar is usually in 2.5mg tablets which are the most recommended dose. Since this drug is so mild, for medical uses, this is even safe for children. However, for bodybuilders, this low dosage will not be that helpful. To achieve better results, bodybuilders take 25 mg to 50 mg a day. There are some users who can take as much as 100 mg a day. So if you are planning to add Anavar to your bodybuilding goals, you can take as much as 10 tablets and it will still be considered as a low dose.

This only means that unlike the pharmaceutical grade Anavar, when you buy from unknown sources, some would sell 20mg or 50mg a pill. But you have to be careful when purchasing from these sources since there is a huge possibility that these products are not correctly dosed. Everyone knows that these unknown sources have quality standards compared to the pharmaceutical grade.

The Amazing Effects of Anavar

Originally, Anavar was developed to treat severe weight loss of patients who experience muscle wasting due to some severe illness like AIDS. This is what this drug is prescribed for. These patients are recommended to take 5mg to 10mg a day of Anavar pills. This dosage shows good results to these patients. But you must remember that using Anavar for nonmedical purposes, like bodybuilding or performance enhancement, would have different doses and effects.

But take note that taking Anavar over 50 mg can cause health problems. Other users are taking the risk of the higher dosage for bodybuilding because they think that Anavar is not toxic to the liver. Somehow, this theory is not true. The tests that showed where Anavar is not toxic to the liver are when it was used for medical a purpose which requires a very low dose. But if you take more than the recommended dose, liver toxicity is very possible.

Anavar: Is It Safe?

When talking about the safety of Anavar, don’t just rely on what others have to say. Anavar can be mild at low doses, but when used above the medically recommended doses, it can cause a lot of strain in the liver. Remember that the reviews online may be a marketing strategy to sell this product and not to inform readers of what this drug is prescribed for. It is best if you do your research about the steroids that you will be using before you actually use it.