With the advent of communications apps for iOS / Android devices, nothing pleases more than knowing that one can able communicate with their loved ones and friends- anytime, anywhere.

But with tons of communication apps out there, it can be challenging to get an app that best suits your social life without having to download multiple apps to your phone. Now, this is where ALW-Almost Live With- beats tons of other similar apps out there, thus making it an outstanding communication tool that is specifically designed to incorporate all aspects of your social day into one.

What is ALW –Almost Live With? 

It is an iOS / Android app designed to aid live and real-time communication between users and their contacts, and most importantly enable them to keep in touch with their globally dispersed friends and family.

How does this app work? 

The app is designed to enable instant messaging and communication using intuitive and highly engaging features. The easy to download app enables realtime communication via different ways such as text messages, chats, voice messages between users and their contacts. The app takes instant messaging and communication to a whole new level, thanks to its intuitive and most engaging features. It boasts some unique features that are all well blend together with each other to aid live communication via voice messages , text messages, voice messages and live chat with your family and friends-anywhere, anytime.


ALW is undoubtedly a quintessential live and real-time communication platform. It comes loaded with tons of amazing features that makes it truly a masterpiece. Below are some of its notable features.

ü Voice Message- the app’s messaging feature is designed to help you send urgent messages while on the move. It enhances seamless communication with your contacts irrespective of where you are.

ü Time Zone- unlike tons of communications apps out there, this app instantly updates time zone differences between you and all your contacts, thus making it easier for them to know when you are available.

ü Voice Calls- This fabulous feature is crafted to help you make uninterrupted, crystal clear, voice calls without spending a dime. Better still, you can be able to keep in touch with your globally dispersed pals and talk with them for hours uninterrupted and devoid of spending your mobile talktime.

ü Temperature- This feature best suits long-distance flights for it allows travelers to know temperature differences across different time zones.


ALW- Almost Live With has absolutely everything everyone is these days looking for in a communication app. With tons of features all crafted to aid live and realtime communication between you and your contacts regardless of where they are, then it definitely a great app for you.