Things are easier to recall when they’re in some kind of order. That’s why we have produced an alphabetic list of 26 alterations you can make to save water at home.

There won’t be enough for everybody in the world by 2060, as the population across the world continues to grow. This is why we need to make some alterations to the method we now use water.


Atap that has been leaking for a week will waste almost 100 litres of water.

Brush your teeth without running the water. When rising use a glass instead of running the water. In just one minute almost 10 litres of water can be wasted from a running tap.

Collect water that you haven’t used from your household chores and use it to water your flowers.

Double the amount of water will be used if your washing machine is only half full.

Egg shellsmake great plant food because they are full of nutrition. So your plants can be watered with the leftover water after boiling an egg.

Fridges keep things cold. You will waste water by running the tap to get a beverage. Every day put a jug of water in the fridge.

Grow your grass a little longer. Not only will it stay green a lot longer but you won’t need to water it as much.

Have a firm’s references and certification checked before using them. Likewise, never pay the sum up front.

Install a water meter so you can see exactly just how much water you are using.

Just 5 minutes in the shower every day can save almost 500 litres of water every week, in comparison to a bath.

Kettles waste energy if you’re always filling them to the top. By just putting in the amount of water you want you can make savings on both your water and energy bill.

Low setting on your heating while you are not in the house during the winter could stop your pipes from bursting if the water freezes.

Monitor your water bills and then make changes to the way you use water in light of your findings.

No additional watering is necessary for common shrubberies and plants.

Over-watering will merely cause wildflowers to cultivate and is not good for your grass. In the driest weather, you will only need to water your lawn once a week.

Place food colouring in the cistern of your lavatory. If without flushing the bowl fills up with shade of the food colour, then you recognise there is a leakage in your lavatory.

Query about the sprinkling requirement for diverse flowers at your nativeplant sales outlet.

Replace the cistern in your toilet tank if it was manufactured prior to 1993. Less water is used in toilets that were manufactured after that year.

Sprinklers use the same amount of water in one hour as a family of four in one day.

Trigger spraysevery week waste almost 250 litres of water.

Usethe dirty water from your fish tank to feed your flowers. It is a great source of flower nutrition as it is awash with nitrogen and phosphor.

Very ‘water efficient’washing machines are now commonly available in the majority of appliance stores. The most effective products are those that are a classified A.

Weedsmust be detachedonce they appear as they will take all the water and nutrients for your flowers.

Xeriscape shows you how through minimal water usage you can keep a lovely garden. Look into it once you get a minute.

You should turn down the temperature of the hot water if it is too hot. You will waste water by mixing it with cold water.

Z Water saving ideas don’t end here. Share your with us.

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