When you think of a little girl, you think of delicacy, grace, and magic. They have an imagination that is endless and can look at the world and see nothing but beauty.

When buying a gift for little girls, you want the gift to reflect the same beauty that little girls project into the world everyday.

How Young Is Too Young to Start A Doll Collection?

young girl with doll Little girls love dolls because they reflect the same beauty and innocence that they portray themselves.

A child is never too young to begin a collection. Children thrive on tradition.

By starting traditions with your children at a young age,

you are not only giving them something to look forward to, but you are creating memory milestones.

If a little girl starts a doll collection at a young age, they come to expect the tradition of obtaining new dolls for different holidays and occasions.

This becomes exciting for them obtaining something new to add to their collection.

You may want to start easy with the dolls you buy if the girl you are buying the gift for is really young. Begin with basic dolls that the little girl can play with.

Porcelain dolls are beautiful, yet they can be a little too fragile for a young girl.

Buying a normal baby doll for a little girl may not kick off their collection, but it will begin the tradition of you buying them a doll on every occasion.

Giving A Doll Collection Variety

The purpose of using a doll collection to buy a little girl a gift for the different occasions is to offer variety.

If you keep buying the little girl the same doll every year, she is going to become bored with dolls very quickly.

Those who are not familiar with doll collections think it could be difficult to add variety to a doll collection, but the truth is, doll makers are always making different types of dolls for all seasons and occasions.

A Doll For Every Occasion

There are several occasions that you can buy a gift for little girls including birthdays, holidays, and life milestones.

You can begin your doll buying traditions by purchasing a doll that matches the occasion you are buying the gift for.

When buying for Christmas, you could stick with a theme of Christmas dolls from around the world.

For birthdays, you could buy a little girl a doll to go along with her age.

There are companies that make dolls marked with numbers, this gift idea will allow girls to remember when they got the doll.

There is a doll for every occasion to assist you with adding occasion specific doll to any little girls collection.

Dolls Of History

Another way to add to a little girls doll collection is to give her the gift of history. Many doll makers have created dolls that are based on figures of history.

Buying a little girl a Princess Diana or Mother Theresa doll is giving them not only a doll to love forever, but giving them a piece of history.

Many dolls are not only made based on historical figures, but they also give girls a glimpse into historical fashions.

There are a wide variety of dolls that represent different time periods in history. Some dolls even come with books giving young girls a glimpse into their time period.

A Doll For Every Culture

Dolls are not only a beautiful collectors piece, but they are also educational. There are a variety of different dolls that represent different cultures around the world.

Each doll with teaches young girls about the clothing and looks of the different cultures around the world.

Some dolls come personalized based on famous people from these different cultures.

Many of these dolls will come with books that will teach them about the cultural features of the doll.

Adding dolls of different culture to any little girls doll collection will make their collection unique and provide girls with a new piece of knowledge.

Doll Accessories

Buying a doll for a little girl on every occasion is a wonderful tradition to start. On certain occasions, you may want to throw in a surprise and a change.

Many doll creators also offer a variety of different doll accessories that can be added to any little girls doll collection.

Some companies may offer tea sets or books that tell the story of the different dolls they offer for sale as well as offering a wide variety of dolls for sale.

Dolls With Their Own Story

Many girls may enjoy getting a doll with a story of their own. These dolls do not have to be based on real people, but they may come up with their own background story and adventure.

These dolls can be educational offering books that tell their story based on different periods of history and based on real events.

Buying a doll that comes with their own story gives girls a collection in their own. Often there are many editions of each doll available for purchase.

By buying each edition, you are giving a little girl a new chapter into one of their favorite characters life.

Buying a doll of every occasion is a beautiful tradition that a little girl will keep for a lifetime and eventually hand down to their children.

Each doll can serve an educational purpose and is an exciting addition to an already existing collection.

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Kate Carson has been collecting and designing a wide variety of dolls for 15 years.

She has assisted in writing back stories for historical dolls and contributed her creative mind to educating girls through dolls for years.