Wedding are a ‘once in a lifetime’ affair but they are equally expensive. If you don’t have plans to get bankrupt just after your wedding, you must control your sentiments & excitement and think of the wedding hacks that will help you save some money. The best way is to hire a caterer who knows all the cracks and hacks to ensure a budget friendly wedding.

9 tips that will help you save a lot of money on your wedding:

  1. Serve your own appetizer: Sounds crazy and time-consuming right? But it’s not that, you just have to act smart. You can save a lot of time by planning appetizers that are easy to make and more importantly store them. What you can do is store them and serve it on the right time, before people start savoring the cocktails. If you depend on your caterer, you might end up paying more than the fair price for the appetizers. Just to let you know, with self-made appetizers, you can save more than 50%.
  1. Skip hiring servers: Some people plan on employ more staff in their wedding who can walk up to your guest to serve the appetizers. It’s obvious that it was an unnecessary cost and people could have avoided this. Because what matters the most is, do you have appetizers or not for people to eat rather than how you’re getting it served. Thus, if you want to take the risk, try avoiding spending on hiring the servers. They are just an extra cost to the wedding expenses, and you can manage without them.
  1. Bring your own drinks: While booking your venue ensure that the liquor prices are not unfairly high compared to the market. Most wedding venues charge high if they serve the liquor but you can save a huge amount of money by bringing your own liquor if your venue provider doesn’t mind. The reason being, the customer have to pay an inflated price as the venue providers don’t feel shy in charging extra over the marked price.
  1. Ask your caterer to limit beverage options: Save yourself from paying for liquor, ask your caterer to serve only beer and wine and save yourself from paying for liquor. Though this would not please all your guests but they still have two great options to choose from as beverage.
  1. Go ‘No-alcohol’: Ask your caterer for an innovative ‘no alcohol’ beverage menu. Serving anything other than alcohol in the beverage can save you some money. Also, you provide your guests with the opportunity to taste something unusual which might be better than their normal alcoholic drinks. Who knows, right!
  1. Spend more on appetizers than on meals: This has become a trend in recent years, people have started serving more of appetizers rather than serving BIG heavy meals. Appetizers allow your guests to mingle more with each other rather than being just a guest of your wedding. Moreover, this step will prove a little budget friendly.
  1. Serve on season food: Serve food that are easily found at the time of your wedding. Ordering food that’s not easily found in your season might put a hole in your pocket because of the extra cost involved in transportation of the same from a cold storage.