You might have seen them on a YouTube “Fail” video, but these mishaps are serious. After you stop laughing, you must check for injuries, damaged equipment or serious monetary losses. Here are 8 workplace mishaps you can’t help but laugh at.

1. Losing Control of a Rolling Load

Have you ever been moving a heavy load down a flight of stairs and lost control? You want to stop it, but you know that if you get in the way, you might be crushed. The heavy load destroys anything in its path. Workers need to follow safety procedures.

2. Falling down Open Manhole

There is a reason why workers place orange safety cones and protective ropes around open manhole covers. Sadly, most people do not always look where they are going. People can fall down open holes, down a flight of stairs or over a guard rail.

3. Forklift Runs into Worker

Maybe, it should be called “When Forklifts Attack!” If forklift operators lose control of their vehicles, it can lead to serious human and property damage. Sometimes, all of the pallets of inventory might collapse if “hit in just the right place.”

8 Workplace Mishaps You Can't Help But Laugh At

4. Toilet Explodes

“What were you doing in the bathroom?” Plumbing systems are pressurized and if they malfunction, it could lead to exploding toilets.

5. Gasoline Catches on Fire

“Turn off your engine and don’t smoke by your car.” How many times have you seen a customer ignore that warning? It is quite a “Boom” when flammable liquid is set on fire.

6. Airplane Crashes

Sometimes, people are struck from things from above. This could include an airplane crash, bullets shot in the air or some light that falls from the ceiling. Death can strike quickly if you are not careful.

7. Hazardous Chemical Spill

How dangerous could a little liquid be? When a hazardous chemical tanker is damaged, the leaking fuel can kill quickly. Safety must be the primary goal when toxic chemicals are involved.

8. Crane Topples Over

A crane usually has heavy weights on its base. But sometimes, the weight load limits are not carefully followed. Workers must adhere to all written safety guidelines.

If you have a serious mishap, you might need to fill out an OSHA Incident Report. Make sure you get the most out of safety training and products from your experts from companies like ARPAC Storage Systems.