Part of the adventure of taking a road trip is seeing the amazing sites along the way. These rest stops offer more than just a place to go to the bathroom. Take the time to enjoy these remarkable road stops as you head out on your next road trip.

South of the Border: Spice Things Up Along the East Coast

South of the Border Man
Image via Flickr by Jim

On the route of I-95, between the states of South Carolina and North Carolina, is the South of the Border. It is a Mexican-themed destination that offers fun, fireworks and a place to stay the night. This rest stop also caters to families. Amusing billboards along the highway offer a glimpse of what is store at this destination.

Tamarck: Shop in the Heart of a Local Artistic Haven

This rest stop is located in West Virgina at an intersection between highways I-77 and I-64. It is located on a hill and at the top of it is an amazing shopping area. Inside you will find hand-made crafts and artistic demonstrations by local artists. This is the place to stop if you are looking for unique souvenirs to take back with you.

Pops: One of the Largest Collections of Soda on the Road

The shelves at Pops!
Image via Flickr by Pirate Alice

Pops is a rest stop along the famous Route 66 in Oklahoma. You really can’t miss the big soda bottle that is prominently displayed in front of it. At night, the entire display lights up. This amazing rest stop also features a famous soda shop and old-fashioned shakes.

Midway Truck Stop: One-Stop Shop for Family Entertainment

The Midway Truck Stop offers more than just a place to eat. It has a haunted house, a tattoo parlor and even has a track for tractor racing. They also have special events that feature live music and entertainment. It is located between Kansas City and St. Louis in Missouri.

Highway 10 Rest Stop: A Classic Rest Stop to Make Memories

This rest stop is located along the highway in Cabazon, California. The stop features sculptures of huge dinosaurs. This is a perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures and kids will love seeing these ferocious monsters up close.

Lincoln’s 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar: Everything You Need to Make Your Trip Go a Little Easier

Day 3 of 365 - Matchbook
Image via Flickr by jesse?

Lincoln’s 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar is found along route 90 in Haugan. Montana. The rest stop features a restaurant, a casino and a huge silver dollar collection. There are local trails to explore the terrain. A hotel is also located at this stop. So, you can get out and stretch your legs after a long car trip.

Navarro County Southbound: Save Money and Safely Sleep in Your Vehicle

One of the safest rest stops to sleep in cars can be found in Texas. The Navarro County Southbound offers a full dining hall, historical buildings and an updated play area. You can find a comfortable car through DriveTime to take advantage of this amazing rest stop location.

Casa da Fruta: Fresh Fruit that Serves Up More Than Just Food

This fresh fruit rest stop is located in Hollister, California. The eye-catching fruit are only a small part of what this stop has to offer. The establishment also has a playground where kids can dump their pent-up energy. The store also features wine and local produce.

These are some of the most remarkable rest stops in the country. Stopping in one of these places is an adventure. Take advantage of the features that these rest stops offer.