7 Things That Make You Ugly Without Your AwarenessWhat does beauty actually refer to? This is a word whose meaning is as hazy and elusive as attaining perfect beauty is. When people strive to look beautiful, what exactly are they after? Flawless skin? Perfect ravishing smiles? Trendy clothes? Expensive accessories? Positive attitude etc. The mix of all the attributes that go into making a person beautiful is far and varied from person to person, but what comes out first are the physical attributes. To be beautiful, you must be physically and emotionally fit – I did not say trim, muscular and shapely, I did say physically and psychologically impressive. Here are tips to help you be beautiful.

1. Beauty is not All About Looks:

If you have perfect looks and a rotten attitude, however well dressed and sophisticated you want to pass yourself off, people will still see through the veneer to the ugliness beneath. Exercise always to help bolster up your moods. The endorphins released when you do this will make you happier. A happy person is a beautiful person.

2. Being in the Wrong Mental Frame:

You can be endowed with all the right physical attributes to qualify as beautiful, but the moment your bad psychological disposition surfaces, trust me, you will instantly become ugly.

3. Lacking Enough Sound Sleep:

Well, maybe you are too busy to find time to relax because you want that promotion badly, you need time to study, find time for leisure and family, and chase a thousand other pressing cares. The net effect? You have no time to sleep. Work on getting enough sound sleep, and you will naturally radiate beauty.

4. Lack of Confidence and Self-esteem:

Good poise and confident posture makes one stand out in a crowd. As I have already indicated, looks alone will not take you far. You need to be sure of yourself in terms of dressing, what you know, how you speak, and in your general deportment.

5. Anxiety and Stress:

If you are ever anxious and stressed out, the mental and physical strain soon begins oozing out of you everywhere. You need both a calm body and calm brain. Keep down the level of your stress hormones by working hard doing what you love most. Being in the wrong profession where you are forced to work against your interest because you must make a living will soon show out in ugliness.

6. Letting go:

Some of us simply don’t give a damn about their weight. Watch your weight because fat and flabby people (I am sorry here but it is the truth) are not so impressive on the physical side, though I must admit, their chubbiness is sometimes sweetly infectious. Exercise and diet well to keep your weight healthy.

7. Being Sloppy and Untidy:

Above everything else Dr Ray Woods, you need to take proper care of yourself in terms of how you dress, how you accessorize, and how you present yourself because at the end of the day people will decide whether you are beautiful or ugly depending on how they first see you.Invest in your outward looks. For better information, visit http://www.woodstechnique.com.au/