The fall season is here and wintertime is fast approaching. Animals often sleep more during the wintertime, but many humans have difficulty getting enough sleep in the winter. The days are longer and there is less sunlight, but these changes can actually make it more difficult for many people to get the right amount of adequate sleep. This can worsen common wintertime symptoms like seasonal depression and increased susceptibility to illness. Sleep effects every other aspect of health and wellness, and creating a pattern for getting adequate sleep should be on the top of everyone’s to do list.

If the reasons for people’s lack of sleep are based on the changes of the season, how can anyone improve their sleep habits in the winter? There are a few methods that people can use to improve their sleep in the winter time and make sure that they get adequate sleep all year long. These methods can be simple for anyone to follow and incorporate in their daily lives. Here are four tips to help anyone improve their sleep habits for the winter.

Maintain the Right Temperature

Temperature plays a big part in how a person sleeps. Sleeping at the wrong temperature can cause someone to experience disrupted sleep or lack of sleep every night. Temperature changes during the winter can play a big part in this. On one end of the spectrum, the cold outdoor temperatures of winter can cause people to be too cold while they sleep. On the other end of the spectrum, when the outdoor temperatures cool, most people turn up their heat in their homes, which can in fact make them too warm while they sleep. People should choose a temperature in between 55 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to get the best sleep each night in their home.

4 Tips For Improving Sleep Habits For Winter

Go to Bed and Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day

Having a regular bedtime is not something that only kids should do to get a good night’s sleep. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is much easier for people who go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. This schedule helps the body prepare for sleep each day and will help anyone get better sleep each night. This can be difficult to maintain as the days get shorter in the winter, but it helps the body stay regular and reboot each night.

Get to the Bottom of Sleep Issues

Many people suffer all year long with sleep issues that they do not even know that they have. Before winter sets in, it is a good idea for everyone to get themselves checked out by a medical health professional to make sure that they do not have any underlying issues that are keeping them from getting the sleep each night. Once the issue is diagnosed, people can consult CPAPMan or other sleep aids in order to get the full night’s rest they need.

Stay Active During the Day

Staying active in the wintertime is not always easy. The cold weather does not allow for as much outdoor activities and the short days make most people feel like relaxing in front of the TV at the end of each day instead of doing something physical. Everyone should try to maintain their regular daily physical activity to get better sleep every night.