Healthcare is an eternally burgeoning industry that will always need hardworking people who want to make a difference in people’s lives; it needs people like you. If you are thinking about moving into or growing in your healthcare career, then you should know how to find healthcare jobs in your area.

6 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Finding Healthcare Jobs In Your Area

Here are six helpful tips to help your find and land that new healthcare job:


Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. This timeworn adage is just as fitting for the healthcare industry as it is everywhere else. Networking with the right people can land you healthcare jobs without even going through a strenuous application and interview process.

You should also know that networking extends well beyond landing the job that you applied for. If the right people like you, a member of a healthcare organization might notify you of unadvertised openings for healthcare jobs, or even create a position just to get you in.

Perfect Your Resume

Even if you have no experience in healthcare whatsoever, you do have some skills to offer the medical community. Take each experience that you have on your current resume and relate it to how you can use this skill to perform in a healthcare position.

For example, if you are currently a computer technician who wants to start out in healthcare as a cardiovascular technician, you could explain how the exacting attention to detail and precise knowledge of computers required in the IT field will allow you to skillfully utilize the testing equipment for accurate diagnosis.

Show a Little Initiative

Going beyond the resume and showing the healthcare community that you are committed to related causes will go a long way in helping you find healthcare jobs. This is also a good way to network.

Here are a few actions that you could take to show your commitment:

  • Intern (most healthcare internships are paid, so you can earn money here as well)
  • Volunteer with local healthcare organizations
  • Participate in community events relating to healthcare (marathons, blood drives, ect.)

Do Some Research

Part of landing healthcare jobs is knowing as much as you can about them. This will improve the quality of both your application and interview by making you seem more knowledgeable (which you will be after doing the research).

Also, doing a little research will also help you determine which healthcare jobs that you would actually like to do. Soliant has a fantastic collection of physician jobs that may get you started on a new practice opportunity.

Get Yourself Certified

Successfully completing a certification process will not only show people in the medical community that you are serious about your pursuit of healthcare jobs, but it will also qualify you for positions that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you.

If the idea of certification is giving you nightmares about having to go back to college, you should take heart; most medical certifications, with the exception of doctor and nurse certifications, do not require you to attend college. Many certificates for healthcare jobs can be earned in a brief time period for little to no money.

Make Your Applications Unique

Each application should reflect some information about the healthcare organization that you intend on working for. This will show them that you have genuine interest in their organization in particular. In order to do this, you must type a new cover letter for each organization that you apply for. This may seem tedious, but it will greatly enhance your chances of landing healthcare jobs.

Now It’s Time to Get Started

Now that you know the steps to take, it’s time to get out there and land your new healthcare job.