The hcg drops are weight loss supplements – but they cannot work on their own. They need a definite low calorie diet to accompany them in order to bring about the weight loss. The role of hcg drops is that of a hunger suppressant or a metabolism enhancer. The hcg diet has become wildly popular – thanks to its claims of helping you shed amazing amount of weight within a very short time span. But usually, it is the low calorie diet that makes all the difference. The hcg drops just complement it by staving off the hunger. So the pertinent question that comes up here is how to eat on hcg drops diet plan? unless you know the right way to keep your body balanced nutritionally under the hcg drops diet, you will end up facing extreme nutritional deficiency owing to a calorie intake as low as 500 calories.

How To Eat On Hcg Drops

Why you need to eat in a controlled way under hcg diet

In order to lose weight, controlling one’s calorie intake is the most common step. This is because, intake of high sugar or unhealthy calorie food leads to storage of fat in the body. But a diet plan is compulsory if you really plan to lose weight via the hcg diet. As stated before, true hcg does just a couple of things. Firstly, it acts as a hunger suppressant – so you feel much less hungry. And secondly, it heightens the rate of metabolism in our body, thereby accelerating the fat burning process. But all these would be ineffective if the person on an hcg diet kept eating high calorie food. An hcg diet is synonymous with a very low calorie diet. This is why one needs to know how to eat on hcg drops diet.

Consult your physician

For a first timer, it is important to know all the implications of the hcg drops diet. Hence, even though the hcg drop is a non prescription one and can be bought easily by anyone, it is recommended to consult a physician first. This is especially important if you have any other health conditions. In such cases a physician would be better able to tell you if you should get on the extreme low calorie hcg drops diet or not. This is because such low calorie diet may affect the body inversely if you have some pre-existing medical conditions. If your body is ready to go on the hcg drops diet then it is advisable to prepare it first by engaging it in light exercises, eating balanced meal and keeping it detoxified by drinking large quantities of water. Buy real hcg drops for your weight loss program.

What to eat during hcg drops diet

Remaining hydrated is one of the major requirements of being on an hcg drops diet. Drink a liter or two of fresh water, non- sugared juices and even tea once in a while. The key is to keep the body thoroughly hydrated. Since you cannot have too much of calories, it becomes necessary to fulfill the gap in nutrition with ample proteins. Proteins help you to maintain your body strength by supplying necessary nutrients to the muscles and others organs in the body. This is why protein rich food ranks high in hcg drops diet. You can choose from various types of lean meat – like that of chicken, beef and even venison. Seafood is yet another great source of protein for someone on an hcg diet. If you are a vegetarian, then you can gorge on cottage cheese, lentils and skimmed milk. Eggetarians can have eggs to replenish the lack of animal protein in the diet. Since you are on a less than or near about 500 calorie diet, vegetables and fruits are your best friends. The hcg diet is filled with moderate portion of vegetables and fruits as they provide the required nutrients to the body. Have lots of green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, green beans etc. you have a huge choice among fruits too. But make it a point to never have servings of various vegetables or fruits at one time. So overall, this is how one should eat when on hcg diet. Following this diet plan diligently will lead to consistent loss of weight and a leaner and healthier body.