Webmasters should try to keep their visitors content and this will make sure that they will come back. In this case, it is important for them to recognize things visitors hate most from bad websites:

  1. Bad color choices: Some web designers don’t want to keep it simple and they think that more is better. In general, a website shouldn’t contain more than three colors. Each color should interact well with one another and web designers need to know how to place it properly. As an example, the background should have contrasting color compared to body text, but they need to be comfortable to read. Some personal web designers may think that it is cool to use large yellow text with pink background; but visitors won’t stay for long in the website.
  2. Confusing navigational structure: Visitors may not be able to find their way around a website. If this happens, they will leave; it’s that plain and simple. Out navigations should be consistent and logical on each page. It is shown that many Internet users prefer left-side navigation than right-side navigation; although both are equally usable and convenient.
  3. Inconsistent font size and type: Visitors will hate it if they see inconsistent font size and type. As an example, if the homepage is dominated with Arial at size 10; then we should also use the same on all pages. Some web designers use smaller font on conditions, terms, disclaimers and similar pages. This is also a bad practice and it may imply that they are hiding something between those fine prints.
  4. Long paragraph: Readers despise long paragraph and they will look out of the window when they get bored; or worse find more enjoyable websites that offer similar information. Some web designers don’t really want to make their webpages easy to read. The most common techniques are by breaking up paragraphs and inserting sub-titles/pointers within the text. It’s not only much easier on out readers’ eyes; but they will understand our messages better.
  5. Hard-to-find contact info: It is a bad idea to force people looking for contact information; especially if they are ready to purchase our products or use our services. In this case, contact information and transaction page should be immediately accessible on all pages and they should be prominently shown. People will leery of doing business with us, if we are not confident enough in showing our contact information.
  6. Long page loads: It is true that most users are already using fast broadband access and HSPA/4G connections to access the web. However, improper implementations could actually cause our website to fully load after 10 seconds. HTML size and large JPG files could be less of a problem today, but it is possible that there is something wrong with the code. It could take longer for servers to process the code and local web browsers to render the pages. The problem is more apparent on mobile devices that have less powerful computing performance. It means that we should optimize the code.