No one likes to clean the bathroom, and that is especially true when it comes to scouring and scrubbing during a deep cleaning session. After all, who likes to take a toothbrush to grout? If you are looking for some clever cleaning hacks that will help you save time and sweat, check out a few of the following tricks that will totally change the way you deep clean your bathroom:

Antacids for the Toilet

When asked which bathroom cleaning task they enjoy the least, most people will admit that the toilet is their arch nemesis. Rather than spending money on expensive cleaners that just don’t do the trick, try dropping a few antacid tablets into the bowl and letting them sit for about 20 minutes before scrubbing with the toilet brush.

Remove Mildew from Shower Curtains

It seems that no matter what you do, mildew always forms on your shower curtains. To combat it quickly, make a paste from salt and vinegar, and then apply it to the mildewed area. After it sits for a couple of hours, you should be able to wipe the mildew off with a damp cloth.

6 Smart Cleaning Tricks That Will Totally Change The Way You Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Literally Erase Mildew

If the idea of dipping a toothbrush into a cleaning solution and spending hours going over the grout between your tiles isn’t appealing, there’s a better solution. Wet a brand new pink pencil eraser and literally erase it from your sight!

Hard Water and Soap Scum

Soap scum and hard water spots seem to travel through thin air to end up on every single surface in your bathroom. To cut through it, dissolve two cups of salt in a gallon of water, apply it to the problem areas, and then let it sit for about 15 minutes. You’ll still have to scrub, but it’ll require less elbow grease.

Remove the Rust

Your usual bathroom cleaners won’t even begin to touch rust stains, and while there are products on the market that will, they are very harsh and often quite expensive. Rather than relying on chemicals, just squeeze some toothpaste onto a plastic scouring pad (metal will scratch surfaces) and scrub away. According to professionals of Maid Brigade house cleaning services, the sooner you approach rust stains, the easier they are to remove. This is important to remember for the next time you notice rust in the bathroom—tackle it right away, and you won’t have to do as much scrubbing.

Fix the Flow from the Shower Head

If water sprays in many directions whenever you turn on your shower, then it is likely that hard water deposits are clogging the shower head. This is easy to fix. Drop four or five denture tablets into a bowl of hot water, remove the showerhead, and soak it in the solution overnight. If you can’t remove the shower head, you can put the same solution in a plastic bag, then tie it to the fixture so the shower head is immersed.

With these tips and tricks, deep cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be a pain. In fact, many of these solutions require very little scrubbing, so you can multitask while your bathroom cleans itself. Use home remedies and clever cleaning hacks to cut your scrubbing time in half, and enjoy a fresh, sparkling bathroom.