More often than never, excess body fat which occurs in many middle aged folks is known to posed a lot of health issues including, obesity, abdominal pain, chronic body weakness, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

For the most, while it occurs in people who consume food ingredients which are highly rich in fats and oil, very few cases of excess fat result from inheritance. As much as most people are comfortable living with it, it is not to be reckoned with; make no mistake, as time rolls by the negative effects will definitely occur.

If you are a victim of this anomaly, are probably nervous now. You don’t have to. The big storyline is you can burn all that fat faster than you can imagine using cool body sculpting.

What is cool body sculpting?

Otherwise known as body contouring, it is used to describe any procedure treatment of reducing inches due to body fat in the area like thighs, arms, midsection, buttocks and legs. Liposuction, butt lifts, tummy tucks and armed lifts fall under the category of excess fat treatment.

These treatment measures include smoothing laser fat surgeries, physically withdrawing fat from the body using body suction equipment, application of radiofrequency energy, and or combining all the methods. Within the last couple of decades, cool body sculpting has come to be the most popular treatment for fats and swollen inches in areas of the body.

In light of technological advancement in plastic surgery over the last decade, it has become very efficient and it is now available in here and there all over the world. Adding to the need to burn the hell out of that fat, take a look at the under listed cosmetic surgery procedures available out there.

  • I-Lipo: Diode Lasers- a non-surgical cool body sculpting method, I-lipo uses a gentle harmless diode laser device to penetrate through the skin layer to the fat layers. It requires no needle, anesthesia, suction or any form of downtime.

I-Lipo is a lot more like the natural weight loss which is better than any other kind of non-surgical treatment. The lasers convert triglycerides into metabolic waste energy excreted via cell membranes. Adding to this, a lot like the way we lose fats actually, the body would burn the fat flushed by the laser. The result could be seen immediately with no downtime.

  • Velashape– Approved in the US by the Food and Drug Administration agency, velashape is treatment procedure that involves the combination of infrared light energy application, Bi-Polar Radiofrequency (RF) waves, mechanical or vacuum massager deflate fat and deep cells.

The RF and infrared light energy induce intense tissues leading to increased metabolism of all stored energy. While the energy decreases the fat deposits, the skin is smoothened by the roller of the vacuum applicator. It is a better option to liposuction. There is a little downtime; patients can expect effects within a couple of days following the surgery.

  • Zerona– it uses technologies like the low-level laser shrink fat cells in a way that doesn’t burn the skin. This procedure is considered a photochemical one- in contrast to the ultrasonic method that frees and reduces the membranes of the cells. This procedure scribbles the wall of the fat cells to the nearest minimum in order to healthily reduce fatty contents to be absorbed by the body.