When you go about picking your ideal university accommodation, it is not a problem to find lots of digs, and you will in fact be spoilt for choice. Education always goes hand in hand with university accommodation, and so student residences turn into big business. So no matter what comes as popular belief, cities become accommodation markets which get ‘filled up’, and finally there is nowhere left where students can stay.

FindSpace student accommodation reminds you that you must factor that into your search and decision making process, and not get under the obligation to settle for the first old place feeling you have to. At the same time, a wholly justified factor for decision making may lead to a wrong decision, which is what you would least like in the whole world.

To make the picture clearer, go over the factors below that you had better factor out when the time comes to take an educated decision:

The Décor Is to Your Liking

Taking an immediate liking to the décor is easy – but it’s an old trick property sellers have up their sleeves! They make the room nice enough, and that will detract your attention from the crumbling building, the neighbours who seem to have come straight from hell, or the dangerous location of the place. Pleasing décor is certainly important, but also certainly by far not the most important thing. When the more important things are OK, you can make any room into a gorgeous place yourself!

The Building Appeals to You

Taking a liking to the building is also something to factor out. It is certainly understandable that when you come up against a pretty building listed for rent, you like the idea you may call it your home for the next few years, and you just cannot give it up. It is not that you must not yield to the charm of lovely buildings, true sights for sore eyes. But think that these pretty homes may lack the general facilities upgrades – the heating, gas, water, insulation may not have been renovated for ages. However lovely a home looks, you’re guaranteed to come off liking it if you have to freeze to death throughout the winter, or be tormented by power cuts day in, day out.

You’re Pressed For Time

Being pressed for time may lead you to make your worst decision. Remember that you should not worry about time – it will be safer to take longer while choosing your accommodation. The more time you spend mulling over the decision, the more ‘right’ the place will be. Spend enough time to make sure it has all you want and need, and also make sure it is not just the first accommodation you can afford.

People Say the Area is Nice

You have heard the area around the home of your choice is nice – but is that enough to tip the scales towards a decision? Nice means different things to different people, and while it may be OK for some, others may find it boring, and for a third group it could be the most terrifying place on Earth. Just like with other things, everyone has their own preferences, butsince it is your turn to take the decision, you must be sure that you personally like the area, otherwise you may soon regret your choice. While it helps to listen to other people’s opinions, don’t let yourself be swayed without checking yourself.

It Is Said to Be the Place ‘Everyone’ Wants to Be

When you hear that as an argument, remember the old adage– should ‘everyone’ decide to jump off a high cliff, would you instantly join in? Of course, everyone will agree the answer is no. Very often a mere marketing comes into play and provides any student accommodation with a good reputation. It is easy to leave yourself, follow the flow, and then you will maybe feel not so silly when you become disappointed by your choice, but that’s not really much consolation.

Higher Prices Are Tantamount to Better Digs

Lastly but not the least of all, it is only fair to say that paying pennies for your rent will not secure you a palace; yet higher rents by no means guarantee a palace either. Before making your final decision, be certain there’s serious value for money there and try to avoid signing any deals without giving the matter some proper thinking.