Not only do you need to be a creative mind with talent to become an artist, you also need to be disciplined and willing to sacrifice until your talent is recognized. In the past, starving artists would struggle for their entire lives to create pieces that were not appreciated until well after their death. The modern artist has advantages in that the world is very much connected and people are able to observe art in the matter of an instant. Here are 5 ways that you can become a top modern artist with drive and persistence.

1. Set Aside Time to Get Educated

You may not think that as a creative-minded individual that you would need to get an education, but you can truly develop your talents by attending college. There is always room to grow no matter how strong your natural ability is. By completing an undergraduate program majoring in Art, and then earning a master’s in art education, you can develop your passion and turn it into a career that will get you recognized.

2. Network with Art Dealers

Once you have developed your skill beyond that of an amateur artist, it is time to start connecting with art dealers. Art dealers may have their own unique preferences, but they also know what modern consumers are looking for to hang on their walls. If you bring samples pieces to the dealer, listen to their critiques. They may turn you away, but they may also ask for more pieces so that they can fill up their galleries with your work.

3. Sell Artwork to Boutiques and Gift Shops

You have to start somewhere to become a top modern artist. Art is perfect for the gift market and it is much easier to get past the gatekeeper when you begin to market your talent to a smaller store than a large big box retailer. Look for higher end luxury markets that will attract consumers who appreciate your craft. Once you find a retailer in the right niche, discuss the option to place the work in the store and set up a payment arrangement where everyone will benefit. If the works are a hit, you will be asked to display more and more of the artwork there.

4. Promote yourself with an Art Show

Recognition is the cornerstone of your career, and if you do not get your face in the public eye it is difficult to be recognized for your style and your name. The more people who see your art, the more opportunities for sales and recognition. You can set up your own art show by renting a space and promoting it yourself, or you can work with a reputable art dealer who can invite people for you. Whatever it may be, be sure you have a theme and that your work stands out and sends a message people will not forget.

5. Make Your Art Their Brand

Do you know how much recognition that you can get if your art were to be on the pages of a best-selling book or on the label of a high-end product? Your art can become someone else’s branding if it is the right fit. You can be contracted to do the work, and may be given new projects as new projects are developed.

There are ways to earn money as a professional artist while you are living. Making it as an artist in modern times is all about gallery showing, art commissions and publishing. If you can get an education to develop that talent and then be a memorable person who networks, you are likely to succeed.