It is a known fact how serious and life-threatening the brain tumor is. Being the main part of the body, there are several functions controlled by this small internal organ, and in case of any issue with it, the life can be placed in a miserable state. The brain tumor can lead to such a situation to an individual over a period, and hence one needs to be sure about the initial checkup of the same in case of any doubt of brain having a tumor. Just like the shape and size of the tumor, their symptoms also differ. The symptoms of the brain tumor depend on its location in the brain. If you have a tumor near any part of the brain which controls the eyesight or arm, the symptoms might include blurry vision or limb weakness. The same rule applies to the area that controls the movement and skin.

5 Warning Signs Of A Brain Tumor You Need To Know

When the tumor is detected, the Doctor will suggest surgery. The brain tumor surgery cost in India depends on the hospital you choose for surgery. Bigger names and brands of the medical arena charge higher for their services.

Few signs and symptoms of brain tumor are more common than the others. Here’s a look at them:

1. Seizures

Irrespective of the type of tumor, the first signs of trouble are seizures. The tumor irritates the brain’s neurons. They fire uncontrollably, and one gets abnormal movements. The seizures can be confined to just one part of the body or face, or the whole body can experience the convulsions.

2. Clumsiness

If, you feel that you have started fumbling with your keys, missing the steps, struggling to balance, feel clumsiness in your hands, legs or arms, it’s a sign of trouble. If you face trouble controlling the facial expressions, face difficulty while speaking or swallowing, you need to see the Doctor immediately.

3. Numbness

Just like clumsiness, if you lose feeling in any part of the body or your face, take a note of it. If the tumor forms on the brain stem, the place where your brain and spinal cord connects, you might experience numbness or clumsy movements.

4. Change in Memory Power

It is true that the tumors can cause a huge shift in the person’s behavior and personality. People having tumor are more likely to have issues with forgetting things, feel confused, and suffer from slow thinking process.

5. Nausea

Feeling sick in your stomach for a long time, especially if the signs are persistent and unexplained, it can be a sign of a tumor.

6. Vision changes

Changes in vision such as blurry vision, loss of vision, and double vision are associated with tumors. You might also see floating shapes and spots.

7. A headache

Quite contrary to popular belief, a headache is not one of the primary symptoms of a tumor. While it can come at a later stage when the tumor has grown big, it is not a sure shot sign of a tumor.