Every Childrens Dentist In Surrey knows how hard it is to get kids to brush their teeth. No matter how much they tell their patients and patients and parents about decay, it’s still hard. Here are a few ways you can help to prevent decay in your children’s teeth, starting when they are young.

Taking your kids in for checkups and cleanings

By taking your kids to the dentist starting when they are very young, you can get a head start with ensuring they are able to maintain good health in their baby teeth and with making sure the beginnings of any small problems with their adult teeth will get caught.

Dental Decay Prevention For Kids

It’s important to partake in regular dental cleanings because dentists and dental hygienists are able to use different techniques and tools than what you would otherwise use.

The use of fluoride

This mineral is useful for helping teeth to resist decay, to become stronger, and to become less decayed than they currently are. It can be found in soil, food of some types, and water.

At a regular cleaning, the dentist may use or suggest the future use of fluoride. They also could suggest that you purchase a fluoride toothpaste, depending on how much fluoride your child may get from what they eat or drink.

The application of a sealant to their teeth.

A dental sealant is a thin material that can be applied to teeth on the surfaces used for chewing. Your children’s dentist may apply some to help with the prevention of tooth decaying.

The teaching of oral hygiene skills at home.

Teach your kids early on how to brush and floss their teeth properly, in order to ensure they develop healthy, consistent habits that will continue on into adulthood.

Getting your kids evaluated for orthodontics early on

If you allow your kids’ teeth to stay misaligned for longer than necessary, you may be allowing an increased likeliness that the teeth will chip and a decreased ability forthe the teeth to stay clean.

Get your kids evaluated for orthodontics by the time they are seven years old so any appropriate steps can be taken, if necessary. This will help you to keep costs down, as putting off a visit to the orthodontist could mean you’ll have to get more expensive treatment completed later.

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