A new year and a new you? Or are you just sitting there wondering what’s going on with your life? Not sure where your career is going? Don’t worry there’s plenty of opportunity. Some you probably have never even heard of. Here are some of the most unusual jobs that might help spark and idea for your own career.

Social Eating

Forget about Youtube, the 21st century is all about Chewtube. Many video streaming sites similar to Youtube have popped up. They allow you to view people eating online live.  This trend seems to have originated from Korea and have started off a few dedicated sites like Chewtube and Twitch. It’s so ludcrative that some social eating stars have quit their day job!

5 Unusual 21st Century Jobs

Selling Used Panties

Many people have a panty fetish and just like everything else in the world this can also be bought. Many of the sellers are girls going through college and wanting to make a little extra money without having to turn to stripping. Selling their used panties is an anonymous way for them to earn that extra cash. There are a few ways to find buyers of used panties. You can start your own website so people can find you and buy your used panties or you can approach a website dedicated to this and have them add you as a seller for a set monthly price. Other panty sellers have also gone the social media way. It’s a competitive market but there seems to be enough people wanting to buy used panties that many new market places have been popping up.

Professional Cuddler

Do you sometimes just need a cuddle with no questions asked? This service offers purely non-sexual cuddle time. While many have scoffed at this profession, professional cuddlers argue that it’s a much-needed service that requires a lot of skill. You must be able to remain professional while relieving your client’s stress.

Rent A Mom

Moved away from home and miss your mom’s sage advice? Well now you can just rent one! What does this service offer? Usually a little baking/cooking while you vent away your stress and your rented mom gives you her two cents. Obviously it’s an unregulated area of work and therefore you should choose your mom carefully and not take everything to heart. The service is really to provide you with an outlet and a listening ear while doing something to take your mind off how awkward it actually is.

Rent A Boyfriend

Here is another trend that started off in Asia, this time China. The holidays are a stressful time for many there as they head home to face their family. Remember this is a different culture and one that still have traditional expectations for females. So you can imagine the pressure that these women who have chosen a career have to deal with when they head home. They are bombarded with questions about their personal life and the easiest way to deal with it is to have a fake boyfriend. One who you take home, introduce to your family and basically send packing once it is all over.

So if you’re there wondering where your career is going. Don’t worry too much. The world is constantly changing and you never know, you might find the next trending job of the century!