Waist trainers are the rave these days. They help you cinch your waist giving you that perfect Marilyn Monroe body. It also makes your chest look broader and your booty pop out just the way you like it! If you’re thinking of getting a waist trainer, here are five things to expect when you wear it;

  1. Waist will Shrink

Waist trainers bring our dream bodies a little closer to reality. It allows women to rock the perfectly proportionate figure also knows as hourglass body type. It cinches in on the waist which makes the bust and booty look just like you have imagined!

Women tend to see results sooner than they’d ever expected. This is one reason why it is thought of being too addictive.

  1. Straight Posture

Waist trainers are tight so that your belly remains in its place. As of this tightness and stiffness, you are bound to have a straight posture. Doing a few hours of it each day will, inevitably, get you in the habit of sitting, standing and walking with a straight posture.

Straight posture doesn’t just make you look 10 pounds lighter but also provides you with the confidence which you might be lacking to rock that dress perfectly!

  1. Temporary Changes

Waist trainers tend to show faster results. In addition to cinching in the waist, it can also result in a temporary weight loss. The weight loss mainly results from the fact that one cannot possibly eat much when wearing it, which results in smaller meal portions and lower appetite.

The changes are exciting and tempting but it is important for you to know that these changes are temporary and that waist training doesn’t necessarily result in any tangible loss in body fat. This means that when you stop wearing it for some time, the weight you lost will come rushing back!

  1. Organs out of place

Waist trainers are extremely tight and make your midsection go through immense pressure. This pressure results in your upper organs moving upwards and lower organs shifting downwards. Since this is against the natural framework of your abdomen, it immunes you to various health issues. This also results in you being sensitive to certain foods and prone to constipation. Not just that, it can also result in serious back problems in the long run.

  1. Other health issues

Waist trainers can do wonders but at the expense of one’s comfort. The tightness it comes with is not just uncomfortable but also results in various health issues. As the lungs lie in the same area when the waist trainer is worn, it can seriously affect your breathing. Wearing it too tight can potentially result in shallow breathing as well as even dizziness and fainting. In addition to that, it is also known to result in dehydration which again can be a root cause of various other problems.

It is important to strike a balance with respect to wearing a waist trainer. It can be difficult when the results are quick and too tempting but let’s be mindful of the problems which can result from it in the long run. In addition to that, waist training is not recommended by experts especially for girls who are in the growing phase as it might result in hindering that process.