There are several mistakes that you could make and end up losing partial or total value for the settlement that insurance companies are obligated to pay to you in the case you incur personal injuries. The biggest mistake any person could ever make would be to believe that insurance companies look forward to remitting the full amounts to which you may be entitled. These entities are profit oriented and always aim at cutting down their expenses as much as possible to maximize their profitability. Sometimes, they present obstacles to claims made just to uphold the precedent that settlements are subject to intensified due diligence with the aim of fending off fraudsters. For this reason, it would really help to note five mistakes that you should avoid in the case you incur a personal injury.

1.Do Not Postpone Seeing a Doctor

Immediately after the occurrence of an accident, whether serious or not, see a medical practitioner as soon as possible. As soon as possible does not mean running errands first, then seeing the doctor later. The visit to a clinic or hospital should not be subject to convenience. Delaying could,

  • Be used against your claim to water down the gravity of your injuries
  • Lead to the aggravation of an otherwise minor and unnoticeable injury
  • The disappearance of signs and symptoms of an injury before documentation by the practitioner: such documentation could be used as evidence to support your claim

2.Fail to Report to Authorities and Collect Evidence

Making sure to have official reports that point the fault of an accident or incidence to other parties is critical. Take photos and report the issue to the police. If the police ask for details, do not provide them. Simply ask to consult your attorney before making any statements.

3.Do Not Give Too Much Information to Any of the Insurance Investigators

Insurance investigators and claim adjusters are trained to listen for the minutest details that they could use to effectively water down a claimant’s claim. Their ultimate career goals include reducing and limiting the amount with which they are obligated to settle claims. Mistakes that these insurers may drive you into making include;

  • Accepting liability,
  • Revealing damning medical facts,
  • Betraying the drift that they plan to argue their case with in case of litigation,
  • Showing a lapse of information or lack of facts

4.Taking the Initially Offered Settlement

Claim adjusters evaluate a situation and give pretty stingy and unfair settlement offers hoping that you will scramble for such offers in desperation and timidity. The settlement offered is usually a Trojan horse, a reduced but assured value. However, these offers should only boost your confidence. They are an indication that the defense has an Achilles heel it seeks to protect from exposure. Contacting a lawyer to negotiate such settlements on your stead could do your claim a great service. Attorneys are often familiar with these kinds of cases and are good negotiators too. They can call in bluffs to which you could easily fall prey.

5.Avoid Social Media Posting

You could get yourself the most experienced and successful personal injury lawyer in the United States, conjure the most seamless claim argument and be set to get awarded a settlement amount worth thrice your sufferings and still ruin your claim. Not even the most personal injury lawyer can prevent you from relaying inaccurate and false information. Also, the attorney could build a case in a particular way and have all the legal documents to prove your case but still end up looking like a liar if your posts on social media seem to depict scenarios contradicting your claim arguments.

So, make sure to avoid the above mentioned things while claiming your personal Suffolk County Personal Injury Attorney and to hire a proficient personal injury lawyer to get the appropriate claim.