Social Network blogs have gotten more and more popular throughout the years (there certainly isn’t a lack of them). However, a lot of them don’t explain the reasoning behind each social network. What a lot of companies don’t tell you is that there is a reason that only a certain kind of people are attracted to Twitter, while others are attracted to Facebook or Pinterest. The fact is there are different audiences that the various social networks attract.

Here is a list of 5 of the most important social networks that your business needs to be active on as well as the audience that is going to meet you there.


Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for any business, whether it be large or small. The best part about Twitter is how simple it is to use, and how quickly you can connect with others. Anyone who is active on Twitter can tell you that the way that they receive news has changed drastically ever since the social network became popular. Why is this? Simply put, Twitter in and of itself limits what people have to say. This means that there is less room for bullshit, and more room for getting straight to the point with posts.

Expect to find witty, quick thinking, and on-the-go people on this social network who aren’t hesitant to find your brand and either challenge it or compliment it. Be ready.


Now I know that Facebook is slowly becoming more and more like Myspace (RIP) and that the primary audience on the social network includes your parents, and maybe even your grandparents. However, this is exactly why your brand should be on Facebook. Why not take advantage of this growing demographic and help your business at the same time? Another great reason to have your business on Facebook is the advertising options that you have on there. You can advertise to an extremely specific group of people for a very little amount of money, which means that you can have a high ROI.

Expect to find your parents on this social network.


LinkedIn is a place for businesses, employees, and people looking to connect. What more do you need to know, right? The social network is more of a business HUB that helps connect people to new job opportunities, as well as coworkers and new sales prospects.

Expect to find a lot of CEO’s and entrepreneur’s on this network.


Pinterest is rapidly expanding its business and analytics portion of the network, which means that it’s a perfect time to learn this social network and take advantage of what it has to offer. Using Pinterest requires a certain kind of style, and you quickly learn it as you take time to navigate the website.

Expect to find your friend from Seattle on this site who is obsessed with the latest mason jar style.


Before you completely shun me, here me out. Google+ has gotten a bad rep because, let’s face it, it sucks for connecting with a huge audience. However, Google+ has proven to be extremely helpful in connecting your personal account with your website, as well as serving as a mini-hub for specific topics. Your business should be on Google+ simply because you want your business on Google, and this can help.

Expect to find SEO specialists (and the like) on this network.

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