If you operate a small business from your home, you will want to consider switching from a home broadband service to a business broadband service. While the extra cost may seem off-putting, especially if your business is still new and you are trying to save on expenditures, there are several reasons why purchasing business broadband can be one of the wisest investments you can make as someone running a small business from their home office. Read on to discover five ways in which having a business broadband service can be beneficial.

1. Faster Speeds and Unlimited Bandwidth

Do you remember the time when someone in your household watched a video online while you were downloading a file and had to wait for a long time due to internet traffic being so busy? With a business broadband service, you can forget about those long wait times. Business broadband customers are prioritized over customers who just have a home broadband server, meaning that all of those people trying to stream and download music and movies will have no effect on your internet speed. In addition to faster internet speed, you don’t have to worry about monthly data usage limits when you make the switch to a business broadband service.

2. Better Security

It stands to reason that if you are running a business, you are going to want something better than the standard security protection offered by home broadband services. All business broadband providers offer increased security for your software.

3. Better Customer Support

If you have home broadband and something goes wrong, getting through to a customer service representative or tech support can be a real test of one’s patience. Furthermore, you may have to wait a few days for someone to be able to come out and fix whatever issue you are having with your internet. Thus, making you lose money. If you switch to the business broadband, you are guaranteed round-the-clock support and most providers guarantee service within 24 hours – with some even offering support within a couple of hours.

4. More Control

One of the most useful features of upgrading to business broadband is that you get a static IP address. Unlike a dynamic IP address, which changes every time you connect to the internet, a static IP address allows you to keep the same IP whenever you connect. This means that you can host your own server, allowing you to remotely access your computer, ensuring that files can be shared with a greatly reduced threat of being hacked.

5. Saves Money

While it may seem like you are paying more for a business broadband service plan versus a home broadband service plan, the reality is that you are likely saving a lot of money, especially if opt to take the business broadband bundles, provided by your ISP. One particular way in which you will save money is from the improved service itself. With business broadband, you are less likely to experience problems requiring tech support or due to low bandwidth speeds – which means more time your small business can be up and running.