Walk into any large book store and it’s bound to have a health and fitness section filled to the brim with fad diet books. These books come and go, with scores of new ones popping up on what seems like a daily basis. But while diets can play an important role in long-term weight loss, the consensus opinion of most health and fitness experts is that regular exercise is crucial. One popular exercise option with a variety of different workouts is cardio aerobics. To ensure a cardio regimen is effective, it is vitally important to set goals. Setting specific targets makes it all the more likely the individual will stick with the routine. Setting a target of 500 calories per day burned is a good starting point. This makes it easy to keep track of the exact amount of weight lost, as 3500 calories are in a pound.

Keeping that in mind, here are five popular cardio exercises to consider when putting together an exercise routine.


Used as an exercise method throughout the world, swimming is one cardio exercise that can truly be classified as enjoyable. Because swimming is generally thought of as fun, it makes the exercise routine easy to stick with. Not only that, but swimmers can count on a full-body workout. At a constant rate, swimming can burn 800 calories per hour. For those who don’t have a pool in their backyard, it’s idea to find a gym with top-notch swimming facilities. Gyms such as these can be found through Fitness 19.

5 Of The Most Effective Cardio Exercises Around

Step Aerobics

This type of aerobic is identified by the raised platform used in the workout routine. It is a very common and popular exercise, especially for women. This is because step aerobics targets lower body areas, such as thighs, legs and gluts. Like swimming, step aerobics can burn 800 calories an hour.


This stripped-down cardio workout is ideal for those who want effective exercise without all the fancy accessories and equipment. In fact, nothing more than a reliable pair of shoes is required to run. Those who put together an exercise routine involving running can expect to burn 600 calories per hour.


 This is another cardio routine that many people prefer because of its enjoyable nature. Cycling through the city or countryside, in the open air, is a great excuse to get out of the house and burn some calories in the process – up to 1000 calories per hour, in fact.


When many people think of racquetball as an exercise, images of corporate businessmen and fancy health clubs come to mind. But corporate America was on to something when they popularized this gym sport. An hour of racquetball, with its constant sideways movement, can burn 800 calories per hour.

These are just some exercises to consider when putting together a cardio exercise routine. What is of paramount importance is to try various routines in order to see which one fits. Most health experts agree that, while regular exercise is crucial in losing weight, the most effective exercise plan is the one the individual is most likely to stick with.