The online poker or let’s say online casino has been in-trend from last decade. People have shifted their focus from land casinos to online casinos. While it is said that online poker is safe and secure and it is highly recommended, there are some loopholes that have led to cheating and errors which costs a fortune.

So, what to do? Well, there are two things you can do to save yourself from the fraud of cheating and errors. First, you must choose the best casino online to not be caught into mishaps and frauds and second, here are the 5 tips that you should avoid while playing poker:

Poker Bots: Poker bots are the computer programs that would play poker on your behalf. They are the computerized program which will never lose. To exclude random effects, the poker pro’s and the computer bot played “duplicate match” which means that both the computer player and the pro’s had the same hands which nullifies the chances of losing. Also, poker has banned any form of the computer program that makes the decision on behalf of a human.

Collusion: This type of the cheating is kind of an arrangement between two players. It is as if they have decided to play mutually and then divide the winning amount equally. Collusion can mean that two players are spearing each other, are submitting themselves the value of their hole cards or are even intentionally cooperating to win the money of an opponent. Collusion is a clear case of fraud between two players where a small edge can lead to a large financial benefit.

Do not open multiple accounts: Having more than one multiple accounts with real money is not allowed so do not dare to do the otherwise. It is forbidden to make multiple accounts because poker first deposits bonus offering and multiple accounts mean multiple bonus deposition. Thus, this way bonus fraud is being prevented. Also, the player who is caught doing multiple account fraud will be suspended and his band roll shall be retained.

Ghosting: This is an interesting concept which is banned in Poker games. It is an advice given by the senior player to the junior one to play poker. This is prohibited in live tournaments but it is hard to follow the rule in online games. The Skype and team viewer plays a big part in ghosting. However, this is not as harmful as other cheating options. There is not much of an unfair advantage over the other players.

Viewing hole cards: The players who can see the hole cards can win each and every hand because he would be familiar with the cards of all the players. The information on hole cards has been leaked before in 2007 and the player was caught immediately. The Absolute Poker unintentional sent the history of all the players to the winner which was later analyzed and rectified. There are strict rules and terms of the casinos that provide high security and makes the manipulation almost impossible.

Conclusion: There are numbers of fraud casinos online that have been established with the motive to cheat the public. Do not fall in their trap. Choose the online casino wisely. One of the popular and reliable casinos is which will give you the best online casino experience.