Home – A place where we accumulate positive energy and brush out the negativity. That’s at least how it should be. Most people strive to tidy up the more frequented space in the house, such as the living room and the kitchen, but sometimes tend to overlook the other rooms. Even if you close the door, subconsciously you will know that the room does not look good which can subtract the flow of positive energy. Take some time and tidy up all the rooms so that they are neat and clean.

Get Rid Of Clutter And Transform Your Home Into A Place Of Zen

Get Rid of the Clutter

Sloppy home is not just ugly to watch, but also negatively affects your subconscious mind. Not only that, you will often lose a lot of time in search for items like keys, glasses, etc. Looking at a place buried with clothes, goods or empty cans may result in a wave of negative energy. Make a plan and go for a detailed cleaning and arranging. Tidy home is the first step in making an oasis of peace and prosperity out of it.

Select the Right Color

Colors affect you more than you think. Besides having likes and dislikes regarding certain color, it can surely have an impact on your psyche. Some studies have shown that color can change body temperature and appetite. It also affects your mood and energy. Try out which color you like best, which one pleases your eyes the most, and what color makes you feel most comfortable. For example, what color is your favorite sweater or blouse? When you test this, you can paint the walls in your favorite color.

Get Rid of ‘bad memories’

Bad or sad memories or experiences do not belong on your walls. If you want to make your home a place for rest, relaxation and positive energy, the details, the little things and small memories of some sad events should be moved from the visible walls and shelves. Store them in drawers and hidden places, and fill the walls in the living room with the happiest memories that will produce laughter and nice feelings.

Get Rid Of Clutter And Transform Your Home Into A Place Of Zen

Fill the Home with Positive Details

When you get rid of the bad, negative memories, make room for those little things, souvenirs or photos that will bring a smile and pleasure on your face and in your heart every time you look at them! Fill the wall in the living room with photographs of your closest friends, family, loved one or souvenirs from the most beautiful trip. These little things will help improve your mood and motivation, but also bring you back to fond memories. Even carefully chosen pillows can be enough to improve your energy. You can also add some tapestries or Persian rugs from Zado. Bright colors can make a lot of difference for your general mood.

Add Natural Materials in your Home

Less chemistry and more nature is something that designers around the world are increasingly recommending! Wood, metal, marble, clay are some of the elements which should be equipped in any home. Wooden kitchen or living room floor will bring peace and tranquility.

Do not forget about Plants and Flowers

Plants are very important in home furnishing. You will not only liven the space up and give it a natural look, but plants will help to refresh the air in the room, too.

Get Rid Of Clutter And Transform Your Home Into A Place Of Zen

Windows Wide Open

Given the fact that modern homes are filled with a variety of elaborate technical devices and radiators, air inside the room is often more polluted than outside. So, open the windows, fill the home with clean air and breathe deeply.

Divide your Home

Divide your living space into areas: for rest, for work, for guests, etc. Although it may seem strange and unnecessary, divided space will subconsciously help you organize better. If you just sleep and rest in your bedroom, the body will get used to it and you will have a better and stronger rest.

Think about what you want to see in your home and how you envision the ideal space in which you would like to live. Then, small steps and small things will slowly start to create a home full of prosperity and peace. Remember – small steps will take you closer to the goal, while a lot of talk about how you lack space, money, time, etc. will not take you anywhere.