Human started tooth whitening for a very long time,we use different methods to whiten their teeth, But for now we have many new methods to white our teeth.A Stomatologist at Parramatta dentist have taught us that some foods have the effect on tooth whiting.

5 Foods Make Your Teeth More Whiter

1. Fruits and Vegetables with hard skin. Something like carrot,apple,cabbage and celery, those foods can clear your teeth like brush teeth when you chewing them.

2. Crispy cheese.It can clear the food debris on your teeth and can help against the attack of bacteria.Before eating that kinds of food,you can try to go to some local dentist clinic for whitening health check,teeth whitening Melbournemust be very helpful for you,they are also offer emergency dentist Melbourne local service.

3.Citrus fruits.For example,Lemon, grapefruit and orange can encourage a lot of saliva to clean your teeth,which can block bacteria in the mouth.

4.Strawberry.Strawberries contain a large amount of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which can whitens your teeth.

5.Milk. The calcium in milk helps strengthen enamel and whiten the teeth.

Stomatologist also said, you don’t need to refuse a colored drink such as Red wine, coffee,tea and coke.But some foods like blackberry, blueberry, pomegranate,soy sauce and curry, we should not eat too much.In addition,foods contain artificial ingredients and colors like candy, we should not eat too.