In exploring ways of how to choose your best VPS hosting option, you need to understand your company’s needs currently as well what you want to accomplish with your company’s website moving forward.

And, to do that, it’s sometimes good to look at the subject from the beginning, as you can see the complete story of your company’s website development, and you can see both the impact it has shown on sales, as opposed to the impact that you want it to have on sales. So, let’s start at the beginning.

Almost all of the companies that aren’t web-based enterprises to begin with, start with shared hosting for their website. It’s usually the cheapest option at a point in your company’s development where you may not have much money to spend.

And, once you get your basic site up and running, and your business up and running as well, you can begin to look at ways in which your website can be used as tool in the operation and support of your company.

Maybe down the road, you realize that you need to reach out to past customers in order to turn them into potential repeat customers. Your system administrator says that your present server can handle the extra email traffic. But, as soon as you employ a customer service team, you begin to get complaints along the lines of how much slower the system is becoming.

And, you’re scratching your head, because at the same time, that this happening, your sales manager is coming to you to ask about the need for creating a new product database, and your CFO is asking about the possibility of a new accounting system and financial database.

This is where you might think that those VPS services that you’ve heard about might be worth looking into.

And, you’re worried about how much bandwidth and RAM you’re going to need in the future. That is until your system administrator tells you that that is the beauty of VPS’s, they’re extremely flexible in scalability.

And so, you begin to relax as your system administrator tells you all about the world of the VPS, and your blood pressure returns to normal.

He tells starts by giving you an example of a high quality VPS service like

This is one of the premier VPS services providers. And some of the differences from shared hosting, are:

Added Stability

By moving your website to a VPS server you’re no longer prone to slowdowns in other areas of your server usage by such things as increased email traffic or customer service replies. And, your website won’t control your office productivity. There will not be a slowdown in the office because of increased customer traffic over the website.

Website Experimentation

You can experiment with different marketing tools without worrying about affecting any of the ongoing computer performance that others in the company need to count on. Your experimentations will be completely autonomous. You will have the ability to use scripts that may not be allowed on the shared hosting server.


Embarking on a mass emailing plan is will use up a lot of processing power at once. In using the options that VPS hosting provides one of those options is easy scalability your server can provide with as much power as you need when you need it.


Generally, a VPS is cheaper than a full hosting plan on a remote server. And, this cost saving can be translated into the security that comes with knowing that you have complete control over your website, unlike a remote hosting plan.

These are just a few of the plusses that can be realized by switching from shared hosting to VPS hosting. There are can be some downsides to this type of hosting, too. That’s why before you risk your website to this type of change you should speak with the experts.

Contact a reputable managed VPS hosting site, and explain your website profile, and what you’d like to get out of it in the future. They’ll be able to tell you if moving to VPS hosting is a smart choice to make for your company.

And, if it is, what the exact benefits to expect should be. You should never make a decision regarding your company’s image unless you can be sure of the result. And, as a website is sometimes the face of a company, it’s important that it is hosted by reputable sources.