Can you resist yourself even after finding a freshly baked pizza, take out of the oven just a few moments ago? Of course not! I mean, who can turn their backs on a seriously tempting pizza. But there are times when you have to make this big sacrifice and say ‘NO’ to pizza, even if the pizza spellbinds you. At times when you find you’re gaining too much weight, your cool t-shirt doesn’t fit, your tummy walks a step ahead of you, or someone recommended you to hit the gym, you have to say goodbye to certain things and pizza is one of them. But, can you really do it? God has made us and god made the food, so, how can we not eat it? The important question is, how to manage your diet with pizza in it? And the answer is, act smartly, check out the tricks to baking a healthy pizza, and when you know how to do it, bake one for yourself. But hey! Don’t misuse this trick too much or else it won’t be good for your health.

So, in this blog we’ll share some simple but useful cooking hacks to bake a healthy pizza. Excited? You should be!

  1. Keep the oven hot pre-baking: Keeping your oven heated before you put the pizza inside it for baking. The gain that you achieve from the pre-heated oven is that you get a crispy crust on your pizza. The desired temperature for this process is 450 degrees, and if it’s close to 500 degrees the result will be better. The unhealthy part of a normal pizza is the soggy middle part that you have to avoid if you don’t have plans to gain some extra pounds.
  1. Control your taste buds and your pizza toppings: Every extra topping that you choose to have on your pizza before baking it, turning it into a delicious pizza is overloaded with extra fat. This extra fat might not be utilized the body and will deposit as adipose tissues inside your body, making you fat. So, we advise you treat the thin crust of your pizza with respect, and have some control over your taste buds.
  1. Toast the crust before loading with toppings: Toasting the crust before you load all the goodies on it dries up all the moisture and saves you from the harmful effects of the soggy part of the pizza. Also, your crust should be capable enough to hold the toppings when they are loaded on the crust. Toasting them before makes it strong enough to hold the toppings.
  1. Take precautions while adding moist toppings or cheese: Moist toppings like raw tomatoes, onion, garlic, and cheese which contain moisture inside it and can make your crust wet. Thus, make sure you add them in a very little amount, and if possible, dry them as much as you can before adding them.
  1. Grill it rather than cooking it: Grilling your pizza makes it less oily and grilling it adds the smoky grill flavor in your pizza which never fails to impress. Also, the grill marks that are left behind after you grill your pizza gives your pizza a beautiful texture.