Chrome is fastest and powerful browser and so is laptop called chrome book by Google. Chrome book only comes with built-in chrome browser and nothing else. But many students opt for chrome book because it’s lightweight and affordable.

The only problem which students face is it does not allow to have desktop software which makes it difficult when they have to use PDF files. But many online PDF viewers and extensions are available to create, edit, view PDF files. As you all know in today’s world of technology whole books are available on the internet in PDF. And students prefer to read books on their laptops or tablets now. So, it is essential to have a substitute of desktop PDF viewers on the chrome book.

We are helping you in getting the best browser-based PDF for the chromebook. Just go through our recommendations if you are having difficulty in choosing the right one. Here are the five best alternatives for traditional desktop base PDF viewers:

Soda PDF

The only online based software with tons of features for working with PDF. It is much better than any desktop version. It also allows you to open files directly from your cloud storage.

Supports annotations, editing and creating. If you have to keep certain document confidential soda pdf allows encrypting files according to your needs.

The only problem is you must have internet connectivity to use soda pdf. It does not have an offline version for viewing PDF files.

Kami (Notable PDF)

Kami is among some of the browser-based PDF which works offline too. It can be used as an app or an extension in your browser. The free version allows to view, edit and annotate PDF files. While if you upgrade to its premium version, you will be able to use more advanced features including collaborating and sharing files. Its integration with cloud storage can allow access to saved files.

Xodo PDF Viewer

It is another best option for working with PDF which offers all advance features freely which KAMI is giving only on upgrading. The only drawback is it works online as soda PDF. It also allows you to view, edit or annotate files from your cloud storage.

Small PDF

Other than viewing and editing compressing a large file is also sometimes required. For this purpose, small pdf is a tool for your chrome book. You just have to drag and upload a file wither from your computer or cloud, and your file is compressed by the tool. It also supports other features as merge, convert, split or protect a file.

PDF Viewer

It is another handy tool which can be used while browsing the web. If you want to open a certain file without downloading PDF viewer will do it for you. It can also open and view word and excel files without any additional extensions. You can also view your stored files in any cloud storage. It is the best option if you only have to view PDF files.