You can have long, luscious, thick hair in under 60 minutes without the use of expensive products, or messy DIY hair concoctions. Tape Hair Extensions are a natural-looking alternative to traditional sew-in, glue and clip-on extensions.

Cost Effective Beauty Solution

No wonder hair extensions make you look stunning. But, anybody who’s worn hair extensions, or is thinking about wearing them, knows how expensive they can be. The pack(s) of hair and installation can cost hundreds of dollars. If you wear extensions frequently, this could get expensive. Maintenance on this fabulous look can have you running to the beauty salon every two weeks. However, the cost is less with Tape Hair Extensions, because you can wear them for a longer period of time and re-use the same hair 3 times! Tape in hair extensions can be worn up to 3 months. This means that you would only need to visit the salon 4 times in a year, and you wouldn’t need to by anymore hair for 9 months!

Natural Looking, Worry-free Tresses

There are two fears that a girl has when wearing extensions. One, the thick weft of the extension peeking through your perfect laid hair, becoming visible to onlookers. Two, The extension loses its grip and falls out. If you look at pictures of tape in hair extensions, you will see the hair is attached to an invisible adhesive (which is the “tape”). This tape is placed close enough to your scalp, giving the illusion that it is your hair. The adhesive on the tape does not weaken easily. Your stylist has a special solution that he or she uses during the removal process to loosen the adhesive. The extensions cannot be removed until this solution is applied, so no need to worry about the extensions falling out unexpectedly. Another added benefit of not having the hair attached to a thick weft is the added hair volume without the bulkiness. Traditional extensions can appear very bulky looking and stiff, especially if you have a lot of them in your hair. Tape in extensions lie flat against your hair and feel very light weight. They move with your own hair.

Versatility in Styling

Tape hair extensions give your hair more versatility. You can easily accomplish elaborate braided hairstyles, curling wand inspired waves, and elegant updos. These extensions give you the volume and length to wear any hairstyle. Additionally, if your hair has been dyed or bleached, your stylist can easily match your extensions to your hair color. If you want to dye your hair after the extensions have been installed, no problem. They can be dyed with your regular hair.

No Damage

The greatest benefit to tape hair extensions is that they cause no damage! You don’t have to worry about rubbery adhesive slowly pulling out your hair as you try to gently remove the extension. Removal is painless and your own hair will be preserved.

If you love wearing extensions, but don’t like the hassle, Tape Hair Extensions are the perfect solution for you.