4 Tips To Choosing A Reliable PlumberGetting the best service for every dollar spent is ideal when choosing a plumbing company. The way to do this is to consider a few important key criteria to choosing the right company for you. Usually, you’ll know it when you see it; credentials will stick out because smart companies know that customers want to be assured of their services and fees. Here are a few great things to look for when you are contemplating just who to let into your home.


Look for a plumbing company who will present you with a quote, as well as a ceiling quote in case of unexpected turn outs, before they even begin work. What this says is: the professional plumber has enough experience to assess the damage and conclude expected costs. An upfront quote reduces risk, by providing the customer with a flat fee which they can review and agree upon before completion.


A key warranty concept worth looking for is ‘lifetime guarantee.’ This is the best type of warranty there is because it mandates an understanding that the customer will forever have emergency repair services available for the specified services.  Other great warranty’s to look for are 1-year or a 2-year warranty. Many plumbing companies offer both, so keep your eyes peeled when comparing plumbing companies. Another important thing to consider when hiring a plumber is if the plumber has insurance, an insured plumber means the company will take care of the costs any unexpected work incidents that you don’t want to be held liable for.

Range of Services

Range of services is important because if a company has a versatile range of services available, during inspection a plumber may notice that you have other issues that he can give you quotes for. Typically, when you request two types of services you can receive a package price opposed to having the problems resolved another day, where you would have to pay a bit higher for the regular price.


Here is the fun part, watching, reading, or inquiring about service reviews. Feedback is important for the reputation of a company so they encourage feedback and they promote good feedback as soon as possible to boost prestige. Sites like Yelp is a popular source for customer reviews, or visit the actually company websites. Browse online, one company setting an amazing example of how testimonials should appear on a website is http://www.expressrooter.ca/.  Most websites will have testimonials that will provide customers with: unbiased opinions toward plumbers experience, work ethic, and work results. These are the perfect explanations that may help you narrow down your decision,

Choosing a plumbing company isn’t something that you do overnight. Let the data marinate, patience is a virtue when you have to compare and contrast companies. Always make sure that the plumbers you consider working with are licensed professionals. Give past clients a ring and see if they can verify and maybe share a personal story with you directly. Remember that it isn’t rude to ask a company to prove to you that they are the best fit, you’re hiring them, you’re the boss, and they are well prepared to show off their skills to impress you.