Science majors spend a lot of time analyzing the world and the universe. From the microscopic to the infinitesimal, to the organic and the synthetic, science majors use information from individual and peer observation to arrive at agreed-upon conclusions. However, there are a few items that can improve the process.

Video/Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras

The life of a scientist is all about recording information. Using computers out in the field, especially areas full of dirt and temperatures ranging on the more extreme, isn’t always possible. Video and audio recorders, and digital cameras will help science majors document their work and present it to others. They’re also perfect for recording notes that can be transcribed later. Some audio recorders even offer the ability to merge with voice-to-text programs that will convert your spoken words to written ones.

A Powerful Computer for Data Analyzing Software

Recording that information is one thing, analyzing it is another. Some science majors simply use Excel, JMP, or SPSS to analyze data and statistics. Other scientists need to run complicated modeling software to run complicated algorithms that predict weather patterns, evolutionary progressions, or celestial projections. Computers loaded with motherboards, memory, and processors capable of handling the processing required not only speed up the process but also ensure that the programs don’t crash while analyzing.


Microscopes are central to any lab. They’re also heavy and fragile, which leaves them off the list of things easily carried around. However, because scientists are smart, they’ve come up with miniature versions that are more readily carried. Dino-Lite is just one company that offers the ingenious mobile devices, and they can be set up just about anywhere. They’re perfect for field excursions where conditions, such as temperature and environment, aren’t easily replicated within the lab and real-time observations are needed.

Peer-Reviewed Library Membership

There are two words that should be common to science majors—peer review. Science lives off the mantra that tests must be repeatable, whether or not the results are replicated. Scientists are also constantly sharing their findings with others and researching the results of other studies. Subscriptions to academic libraries of peer-reviewed journals and studies provide both of these worlds. It will also save money over time as subscriptions are cheaper than purchasing each study individually.

Sure, while there are more than four items that science majors should invest in (such as a good coffee maker), these are the four that will pay the most dividends in the long run, not only for the science major but also for society.

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