2It takes a lot of time and efforts to build a strong rapport on social media, and popularize your website on the worldwide web, but just a few small things can potentially devastate its online reputation, and even get it banned in Google. Here are 3 such aspects that are often overlooked by website owners, but result in disastrous outcomes.

Promising Something in Meta Titles and Descriptions but Not Delivering It Your Pages

It all comes down to writing for humans, and not search engines. It’s quite possible to target the keywords smartly in your titles, and meta descriptions, to lure the visitors to your website, and even achieve high SERPs for a particular keyword phrase. However, in due course of time, people will certainly start reporting your web pages as SPAM, and most of them will never come back to your website.

This can definitely hamper the online reputation of your website, and the last thing that you’d want is to garner such negative attention on the web.

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Get Rid of Redundant Contents

It’s enough to create one page about a specific topic on your website, unless you’ve a forum section, where there may be several threads discussing about different aspects of a common topic! Even in that case, you need to moderate all the posts and see to it that multiple threads aren’t being created to discuss the same thing over and again.

In case of regular websites and blogs, you should not only ensure that the titles and meta descriptions are unique, but you must also see to it that you don’t end up with 20 different pages on your website with unique titles, essentially conveying the same thing. At times, this can be classified as blackhat SEO, because you could be targeting different variations of the keywords, but adding no value to your readers in the process.

This can once again hamper your online reputation, and at times, even attract a manual penalty from Google.

Don’t Rant Anything on Social Media

It’s quite possible that you may not like a comment of a fellow blogger, but that doesn’t give you license to rant anything publically on social media. It can be as bad as shooting a missile on your feet! Be very sensible about thing that you say and share on social media, and don’t let a foolish Tweet harm all your hard work!

Archive Your Older Posts

You may choose to retain old pages in your archives or delete them completely. But, if you decide to keep them, then be sure to set the archives to “no index”, and “no follow” so that you don’t suffer any negative impact. Sometimes, if visitors see a lot of outdated info on your website (on your older pages), they tend to get put off as well.

In a Nutshell

I know all this may sound too lame to you, but in reality, thousands of website owners actually end up ignoring these minute things, and end up getting their website banned or losing their SERP rankings in due course of time. So, don’t become yet another victim to the Google slap, and take good care of your website’s reputation while you still can!

Author Bio

Treves Gregory is an On-Page SEO specialist who has improved the traffic levels of hundreds of websites by up to 200% just by focusing on On-Page parameters.  Those who’re new to SEO can click to learn more about online reputation, and handling.