Well, diaper bags are always a battle between parents. There are some dads who don’t really mind totling with bag designed with bright pink butterflies but these dads are very less in number. Most dad prefers carrying a bag which is turned into style. Fortunately enough, there are other options out in the market for them.

There are great diaper bags that are geared toward masculine style blending with traditional diaper bags. But in some cases the bag itself are uncomfortable to carry because of bulky size and shorter straps. We have compiled list of 3 things to consider while purchasing diaper to get great product that both parents can agree with.

1.Pattern And Color

It is best to go for a diaper bag in a more neutral color such as blacks or gray. These color diaper bags gives you a more confident dragging that bag around. In case you are a dad who can carry off a bit of flare, even they are getting covered as there are diaper bags having “trendy dad” written over them and are available in cool patterns such as camouflage.

2.Style of Bag

It crucial to consider the style of your diaper bag. Try to avoid shorter straps, if you are taller parents as they will not be as comfortable. Look for a backpack or messenger style bag as they can be easily adjusted to fit your comfort requirements. One of the popular choice among the dads is cross body style bag which not only allows your hands to be free but also makes you look cool.


Indeed the bag needs to be stylish enough to fit lifestyle, it should be well adjusted as traditional diaper bags. Make sure to buy a bag which not only offers great storage space but also little extra to make life easier such as key ring, baby ring and pocket.

Always check for the attachable or removable changing pad. When it comes to emergent changing situations, these little pads can make huge amount of difference in the world.  The extra little waterproof bag or convertible bags are perfect to conserve baby’s toiletries like soaps and lotions without ruining baby’s things.

Keep the above three things into consideration to find the diaper bag that is tailor made to your requirements. When you are purchasing best diaper bags for father, you are not only searching for product meeting your requirements but also that is truly comfortable to carry around places.