3 Services That Can Get Your Business Out of a PinchSometimes situations crop up in your business that need quick handling. An electrical fire damages your computer equipment, an emergency necessitates you access a quick flow of cash, or an essential staff member gets called away suddenly. Do you have a plan for when the unexpected happens?

Look into accessing one of the following services that can help get your business back on its feet in the event of a sudden event.

Remote Backup

Your business utilizes a number of software systems in order to function – from your CRM database to your spreadsheet program. They contain a wealth of information about your customers, your accounts, and your business processes. The loss of this information could leave you floundering.  This loss could be caused by a computer virus, software failure, equipment theft, or even physical damage from fire, smoke, or water.

In order to prevent data damage from damaging your business, you need to back up your information:

  • Utilize an external hard drive or DVD burner to create physical copies of your hard drive and store them in a remote location.
  • Use a remote backup service, which automatically downloads your data at regular intervals to a secure offsite server.

Invoice Factoring

When you have unpaid invoices sitting in your books for months or even years, that’s money that belongs to you but isn’t in your accounts. You can recoup your funds from negligent customers by sending the accounts to collections and hope that your debtors pay up. Or, you can get the money owed to you upfront by taking advantage of invoice factoring from Business Factors, for example.

  • Invoice factoring services purchase your unpaid invoices from you for a percentage of the amount owed. The responsibility for getting customers to pay up then transfers to the service and out of your hands.
  • This sort of arrangements can benefit both you and the factoring company. You get an influx of cash up-front that you can use to buy equipment or deal with an emergency. The factoring company, if they successfully recoup the full amount of the debt, receives 100% of the funds that they paid a smaller percentage for.

Temporary Employment Organizations

Maybe your receptionist has suddenly quit, or you’ve gotten a work contract that’s larger than your current staff can handle. You need employees, and you need them fast. However, you don’t have the time, resources, or funds to recruit, interview, hire, and train job applicants.

If this sounds like your situation, consider looking into a staffing agency or temporary employment organization. By building a relationship with a staffing agency, you can specify what sorts of skills and qualifications you’re looking for in a new employee, and the agency finds them for you.

  • The agency can take care of as much of the employment process as you want. They can solely work to recruit new employees for your business. Or, they can take over the whole process: hiring, training, scheduling, managing, and paying your staff.

Look into hiring one of the above service providers to help your business recover in the event of a staffing, financial, or software emergency.

(Image source: freedigitalphotos.net)