A few years ago, hybrid cars were all the rage and many people are still clueless about these car models. If we are planning to purchase hybrids, it is important to know more about them and dispel some of the more popular myths. These facts should shed some lights about those green machines.

  1. Hybrid cars are still powered by gas engine: In general, hybrids have a combination of standard gas engine and electric motor. Gas engines will charge the battery indirectly and the electric motor is usable during urban driving.
  2. We don’t need to plug in hybrids: Hybrid cars don’t need to be plugged and its energy source is still derived from gasoline. In normal cars, energy is lost when they are braked. The recouped energy will be used to recharge the battery.
  3. Hybrids are still quite powerful: In general, hybrid car models don’t skimp on power. Lexus LS 600h us among the more powerful hybrid car models with 438hp engine and it will accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 5.5 seconds.
  4. Hybrid cars are not too expensive: Hybrid cars are still available at under $25,000 and we can find various models, including Aura, Vue, Altima, Escape, Civic and Prius. Hybrids are essentially affordable, depending on the models, especially if we factor in lower maintenance costs, high resale values and higher fuel economy.
  5. Hybrid batteries last longer: Hybrid batteries should be able to last for many years. The warranty for hybrid car batteries could extend to 150,000 miles or 10 years of usage.
  6. Hybrids are not created equal: We should be aware that hybrid models have different characteristics. The Saturn Vue Green line provides us with 30mpg, while the Prius could reach 50mpg. However, the GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe come in at only 23mpg.
  7. Hybrid cars are quite reliable: Many people still assume that hybrid cars are relatively new and their reliability still can’t match standard cars. However, Consumers Reports revealed that the hybrid variant of Honda Civic as among the most reliable on the market. Prius, Accord Hybrid and Highlander hybrid are also known for their excellent reliability.
  8. Hybrids are here to stay: It is clear that hybrid cars won’t go away anytime soon and hundreds of thousands are sold each year. Hundreds of hybrid car models are available in the market.
  9. Hybrids are good for the environment: Compared to solar-powered cars, hybrid cars are still relatively dirty, but they are still better than standard cars. Compared to non-hybrids, these car models could produce 50 percent less harmful gases.
  10. Hybrids can be quite luxurious: Since its first arrival in the market, we could find luxurious hybrid models, especially the Lexus RX 400h SUV. Many hybrid models today can be seen as the epitome of luxury in the car industry.

People who plan to purchase hybrid car models shouldn’t be doubtful. With proper researches, they should be able to find proper models.