One of the very first steps in choosing the right pair of shoes is find one that compliments your outfit, rather than compete with it. One of the tricks that most fashion gurus subscribe to is teaming a simple pair of shoes with an outfit that has a lot going on and vice versa. It can be a tricky process to try and find a pair of Vaneli shoes that compliment your clothing, without overpowering or dominating it. But if you know how, this simple balancing act can be a breeze to pull off.

Your Guide To Matching Your Vaneli Shoes To Your Outfit

Ask yourself:

  • Does a single element in your outfit stand out more than the others?
  • Does your outfit come across as too chaotic and don’t seem to tie in with each other seamlessly?
  • Do you find that your clothing and Vaneli shoes are blending into each other? For instance, black trousers and black shoes with a black blouse.

If your answer to most of the 3 questions above is ‘yes’, then it’s time to rethink your choice of shoes. It doesn’t matter how comfortable they are, how pretty they are, or how much sentimental value they seem to have, if your Vaneli shoes don’t fit the occasion, event or environment, they aren’t the perfect pair.

Your Proclivity

For instance, shimmery Vaneli shoes shouldn’t be worn to the office, and if you have a formal event, it isn’t exactly acceptable to show up in a pair of flip flops. Just how you would wear a pair of high heels to run a marathon? Choosing the right pair of shoes for the right event can be easy. The simplest approach is to wear ballet flats or simple loafers to casual events, and classic pumps for anything a bit dressier. If this seems like a bit of a staid approach, and you want to switch things up, but still stay in the safe zone, wear those widely accepted styles in an eye-popping color, or wear a classic pair of shoes with an embellishment.

Perfect Combinations

For a more dramatic statement, pair your stilettos with a pair of denims or a pair of Vaneli shoes or sandals with your suits. This of course, depends on the occasion. Think about what you will be doing in the day. For instance, it’s not the best idea to choose a pair of high heels to work if you will be going to the park with your kids later on in the day. Work events and other formal get-togethers are other times that you need to pay special attention to your Vaneli shoes.

This and that, that and this

Consider the weather when you are choosing your shoes. You wouldn’t want to be caught outside with a peep-toe sandal on a snowy day. Also match the style of your Vaneli shoes to the fabric of your outfit. Team a velvet suit with a pair of brocade pumps, and your heavy winter coats will look smart with a pair of leather boots.

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