You have a huge range of options when it comes to choosing a gap year programme, all of which will allow you to enjoy a fantastic adventure overseas. Projects involving work with animals is often one of the most popular choices so why do so many people choose to get involved in these projects specifically? Here are five of the top reasons.

Your Gap Year - 5 Great Reasons To Work With Animals

1. Help Species at Risk

A lot of people decide to work with animals on a gap year because they realise that they will be able to help different species that are at risk without having to possess any specialist skills or qualifications. Many programmes allow people with no previous experience to make a real difference and this is one of the biggest attractions.

2. Gain Experience for a Career Working with Wildlife

People who want to work with animals as a career can get some excellent experience that can look very attractive on their CVs. Some people even choose programmes that involve training to become a guide or a ranger.

3. Become More than Just a Tourist

Many tourists go on safaris in Africa or travel to remote jungles to see animals living in their natural habitats, but when you work with animals on an official placement you will be able to enjoy a far more interesting experience.  You will be offered the chance to get up close to the animals and really make a difference to their lives.

4. Huge Range of Projects

The vast range of wildlife gap year projects available means that you will always be able to find a programme that suits you. For example, you may prefer to work with large animals like elephants or lions or perhaps you want to work with marine life like whales and dolphins. Maybe you want to help look after animals that are sick or maybe you would prefer to study animals in their natural habitats. Whatever you want from your gap year there will be something for you.

5. Have An Adventure

One of the best reasons to work with wildlife abroad is that you will have a real adventure. There is no greater adventure than heading off into the great unknown of Africa and working up close with incredible animals that you would only otherwise see in a zoo. So, if you want to enjoy an experience that will leave you with memories that will last you a lifetime, working on a wildlife programme could be perfect

Choose a Wildlife Programme for Your Gap Yea

If you want to work with animals on your gap year why not start looking for a suitable gap year programme today? Your once in a lifetime adventure is just around the corner.